Calcium Reactor DIY : need access to CNC Router and drill press...


Hi All,

I still don't have a tank stand for my 525XL glass, but I am planning ahead and I want to DIY a Calcium Reactor similar to the Geos Reef 618 model.

I need access to:
- a CNC router to cut the flanges and o-ring groove
- a drill press with vise to cut an offset hole into a acrylic tube

I am looking for recommendation on where to get access to a CNC router somewhere north of Boston (DIY homebuild would work provided it has a 12x12 cut area)

Will need the following capability on CNC router:
- end-mill bit to cut an o-ring groove
- plunge cutter to cut holes and offset holes for the removable flange

Will need the following with drill press:
- plunge cut a hole for 3/4" uni-seal into acrylic tube

Obviously, willing to pay for access in cash/beer/etc. Bonus points if it is in the Woburn/Stoneham area. Thanks!

ps: I might want to make a skimmer after this too :)


Design done. Reactor could be scaled up too, if needed. Sooo..... who has access to a CNC router and wants to make a new friend ? :)



Calcium Reactor finished. Same design principles as a Geos 612 (I have never seen one in real life, but it seems obvious what is happening from the photos online).

Thumbnail below and image attached.

Notes :
- I need more red silicone tubing to make the two pipes match in color.
- Black 1/2 fittings are more expensive than white and some fittings are just not available.

Calcium Reactor.jpg


I have a Cnc are you looking for one still
I used the CNC wood router at Cambridge Hackspace.... but it is crap. Axes cannot be aligned due to stripped threads/etc.

Is yours a personal CNC in your garage type thing, or one at work ? Also, what sort of CNC machine is it?


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Very nice and well done. I like the combination of soft and hard tubing which make changing media easier.

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