Clown egg hatching


I'm really new at breeding, but I have a few questions. Here's a little background: My first attempt at hatching them resulted in 1 single survivor. My second attempt at hatching them resulted in 50 survivors. my last 2 attempts were a complete failure. All the eggs are turning white. I place the tile in a separate tank using all parent water. I also aerate the eggs. What am I doing wrong? The parents have been laying for about 6-8 months & only recently have I tried to raise them.

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I haven’t done it for about 10 years but I let the parents do the work. When they hatched I netted the fry and put them in green water. I used a 5 gallon tank of green water with an air stone. I put the 5 gallon inside a 10 gallon and put the heater in the 10 gallon so the fry wouldn’t touch the heater and get cooked.
The eggs will usually hatch on the 7th night, after lights out. Turn your overflow and pump off prior, and once you see free swimming fry hold a filter light to the top and net them as they swim to the light. Then transfer them to the green water tank, which you should prepare ahead of time(like when you first see the eggs), and keep it dark for several days. If there is light they will swim to the light and that’s not good to start with, I think I read something about it messing up there swimming correctly.

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