Clowns - White Growth

Hi All,

Trying to determine what may be going on, and have already done some searching, but not finding similar traits to the issue I have on two of my clowns. I've been treating them for what I thought was ich, which it may be, but I'm not finding white spots throughout their bodies.

One clown has a larger white growth near its left gill (see picture). There's also a similar growth on the pectoral fin. My other clown has the similar white spot/very small growth by its anal fin.

Both are in quarantine, dosed with copper, just haven't seen much change in the past 13 days since treating them.



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I keep going back to the picture and wondering if it is a lymphocystis or fluke. Are the clowns showing any stress, scratching, or other odd behavior? Any closer picture that you can get?
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