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Hey BRS,

We have so many things on sale right now it's impossible to list. In fact every coral on our website is currently sale! Savings range from 10% all the way up to 71% off! Below are a few examples...

The classic Bali Green Slimer is now marked down to just $9.99! This is our featured door buster and this deal won't last long...

Lots of fish are also on sale like LongFin Mochas now $99!

Did you know that we now offer Cheato Macro Algae to jump start your refugium? Our Cheato is clean and full of pods. Oh and its 20% off!

Super popular Mandarin Cloves are now 41% off!!!

Oregon Torts 40% off! This acro is one of the bluest acros available...

50% off Oxide Zoanthids!

As mentioned above, all our coral is currently on sale so this is a must see opportunity. And remember all coral/invert orders over $199 ship for free!!!!

Thanks for looking,
Cultivated Reef
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