Curing dry rock?


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I'm in the final stage of curing dry live rock (5 weeks) and ammonia is zero but nitrites and nitrates are still pretty high. i did a big water change and nitrites have gone down in half but have stayed the same for a over a week. I'm asking if i'm only using this rock to replace all rock in my current display ( i have rock in sump and 3 big bio bricks which are established), do i really have to wait for the nitrites to be zero and very little nitrates or can i just replace all like i mentioned? Sorry if it's a little confusing and i could've added more info? Thanks


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I had a cycle that was doing something similar. I added an additional dose of bacteria in a bottle and that really helped establish the community of microbes that facilitate nitrite to nitrate conversion. If you can lower your salinity a bit, bump your temp to 82 and dose a bottle of bio spira. In my case the second dose got me there in a week.


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What if you replace a few pieces at a time? That would let the new rock stabilize with your existing bacteria population without destabilizing everything all at once.
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