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Please comment below or PM me with suggestions for the Daily Poll. I have quite a bit of material to cover, but would like to hear from all of you club members with topics that you want covered.


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Used or new?
Opinions on mariculture aquaculture or wild

Size tank

Ever been to a meeting?

What do they want in meeting? Are weekdays nights something ppl would do?


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OK, here are some questions I am curious about:

how often do you do water changes?
every day
once a week
every 2 weeks
once a month
less frequent than that

How many nutrient removal methods do you have in place (check each one that applies)
a nutrient removal method includes:

frequent water change
algae-based method
filter floss or sock
carbon dosing or biopellets
phosphate removal media
other nutrient removal media
cryptic zone!
undergravel filter!

How often do you add fish or coral food to your tank?
types of food?

How much flow does your tank have (expressed in tank volumes per hour, including sump and powerheads)
1 volume
3 volumes
10 volumes
30 volumes
100 volumes

How many tank crashes have you experienced? breifly explain!

I think everyone could just fill out this questionaire, and send a full tank shot and a brief tank description, and that would be pretty cool.


Lighting. Not just type and brand but longevity. I’d like the next lights I buy to be repairable forever like a decent fishing reel.

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Love the polls. I think having a new poll every couple days rather than every day might generate more discussion and give people more time to see it.
Agreed. Maybe a weekly poll would be better to extend discussion on one subject

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Style of reefkeeper. Apex control dosing on your cellphone on vacation or at work, tracking 0.1pH shifts as a 10 and Nothing is broken so I change the water every week or two and the tank is fine..

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