Dehumidifier water!


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In theory if you were not using rodi sysystem, could you use dehumidifier water? could you use the water to top off or do water changes. It is distilled and has low ppms 10-20ppms. Just curious what people's thoughts were


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i believe its not recommended due to the way its processed, between the coil inside of it and what not their a whole bunch of different metals and all that in the water.

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10ppm is not low...
Even 2ppm is not. In theory, unless it’s 0ppm, bacteria can grow.
I would never think of using dehumidifier water for any part of reefing.
Use it to water your garden!

Greg Hiller

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Don't use the water from a dehumidifier. If you are looking to save a buck use rain water. Collect well into the storm and use some floss to filter out bits of stuff as the water is being collected. Pump it over some activated carbon and you are good to go (in my experience).

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