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If you were going through a divorce and wanted to get a celebratory gift once it’s finalized, what would your dream purchase be? I’m looking for ideas for a present to get myself.
It can be livestock or equipment. I don’t have much as far as systems goes. I have a 90 gallon tank with a skimmer and some basic pumps so the sky’s the limit!
Fish have to be reef safe so I don’t fall in love with a fish I can’t have and no damsels or clownfish as I have a maroon clownfish pair already. If it’s eye candy coral please post a pic so we all can drool.


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I bought a Benz a R1 and got lasik for my divorce and my buddy’s threw me a divorce party at a strip club lol
lol Chris... she was talking about tank related gifts... But those work too.

I would want to build an in wall tank between the living room and dining room. Fully automated with an apex suite etc. Maybe actually buy NEW equipment not all second hand/bottom of the barrel stuff. hmm.. which reminds me, I haven't ran a skimmer in 9 months or so...
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So... I’m not a guy and not into cars. I was thinking dream saltwater related equipment.
Aresangle, that build sounds amazing but I would have to just dream of that. I think the cap would have to be kind of low since I still have to take care of my girls so shouldn’t splurge too much.
oops! Sorry. editing my response to correct my assumption. Sorry!

Are you adding to your current system or looking for a system redesign/overhaul?

I think adding to my current system would be the most attainable thing. It’ll suck moving the tank and the front glass is pretty scratched up so I was considering just getting a new tank but I’m not sure if that’ll be special enough.


Tim- 2019 BRS President
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At that point I would say a new tank then. If you have to move anyways, get a new tank to fit the space better, transfer equipment you can and sell the rest to upgrade. It will be a net loss, but you can recoup some of it and it will make the move easier having a new tank set up only having to bring livestock over. That in it self is a gift. Having to move a tank rock etc. THEN put the livestock back in is a big task


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Luckily I have not had to go thru that experience. happily married since 07. That said i would go for a new tank also. It will give you something new for you to focus on and really enjoy with your girls. (family rebuilt) doesn't have to be new just new to you. there are great deals on used equip here.

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