Hanna checkers

Chris A.

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I had the alk and thought it took too long to do. I do like the ulr phosphorus ( haven’t used anything else for comparison)
Never tried anything else from them


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I use the alk, calcium and occasionally the phosphate checker. I like them because I am not good at watching things change color and deciding when it happened. I also find it easier to use pipettes rather than the syringes they provide.


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I used the AlK and phosphorus, they are awesome. Easy to use. Don’t get the calcium, that one takes a long time, and gives false reading, since it only uses a small sample water from your tank.


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I use alk "awesome" and low range phosphorus ( wish I got phosphate instead) also I switch back and forth between Hanna and Red Sea for calcium. For now until reefbot comes out.


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I use the Alk and although it may read up to .5 dKh lower/higher than some other tests the only thing I am concerned about is stability. I run the test 3 times and it will often say 8.5/8.4/8.5 or something similar, but as long as I get the same number 2/3 times I'm happy.

I use the phosphate one as well, regret not getting the phosphorus instead.

Matt W

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For Alk - my day to day test is the hanna checker and I will occasionally confirm with salifert.
For P - I use Phosphorus ULR checker. In regards to which checker is better, it really depends on your tank or tanks. The difference between them is range and accuracy at low levels. If you are running low phosphate tank(s), the phosphorus checker is more accurate less than 0.08 ppm. If you have higher phosphate or multiple tanks, the phosphate checker will provide a wider range.

Technique and following procedure are also more important when using 'checker' type kits. BRS has a very good video describing the difference between meters and also some very good suggestions for obtaining consistent and accurate results.

BRStv Investigates: Which is better, Hanna Phosphate or Phosphorus Checker?


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Hanna phosphorus saved my life. Alk was good but I feel like salifert was more accurate. And it takes like two seconds to do.


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I use the Alk - DKH and PPM checkers. The PPM is more accurate. I agree with Johnson that stability is more important than anything as long as you are in a good range from the gate.

I still test with the red sea kit as well to make sure of accuracy. That is in my opinion the best triton kit.
Hanna phosphorus saved my life. Alk was good but I feel like salifert was more accurate. And it takes like two seconds to do.
I feel the same way. There are a lot of variables with the hannah (fingerprint, debris in the water, etc) and the timeout makes me crazy!! Sometimes I still have sediment and the clock is ticking.

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