I see the allure of bare bottom now. What a Putrid Detritus mess.


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After 6 years plus and total neglect over the last 2 at least.
I have decided to clean up and redo my tank instead of getting rid of it.
Who knows how long the powerheads alone have been dead.
Most of the BTA have been removed along with rock from the display.
There is so much detritus build up in sand I not sure it can ever be cleaned or removed.

I have pulled out 40 gallons already. Although better not there yet. This is going to take some time.
Don't want to do to big water change at once. Hoping with another 20 I be good.

But I still like the look of a shallow sand bed. And since I plan on a much more open rock work.
It will hopefully be better.


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If it’s that bad I’d change out the old sand completely for new one and swish your rocks in the water change water to dislodge the ditrus that’s inside them as well


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Originally that was the plan, I thought gravel vac would pull sand out but it only gets the real fine stuff.
I had started just trying to pull sand out slowly but each scoop was a detritus cloud. I am hoping I can clean up some first then scoop out as much sand as I can and replace.

I still have a bunch of fish which is main reason I am keeping tank.

Most of rock is in old water with PH and heater now. I will clean that in new water before I put it back.
Its not all going back in. Looking to do some rework to it before I do and jam as much in sump after.

May replace some rock as well not sure yet. Not going back to rock wall look.


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Use a canister filter while you clean. I think they are great for just such a task. Stuff it with filter floss and carbon or what ever you want.


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No nassarius snails? No bristle worms?
There was a bunch at one time. I have seen a few. But this tank neglected , no maintenance no water changes probably for a year +.

Going to try taking vac part off hose and see if I can suck some sand out Saturday. I be happy to replace half.

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