ID? anemone or something


Could it be a majano?

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That’s what someone else said but it’s tentacles don’t look big or round. Haven’t added anything in the last few months besides things from one persons system who happened to have his rock flowers spawn, could it be a baby rock flower? He doesn’t have Majanos I know that for a fact


Deff a majano nip that thing in the but

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its like 3 mm wide and also how could it have gotten in there just now if i havent added anything in months. As i said everything i've put in in the past 3 months is from someones system who i know doesnt have them. Why did they just show up now?


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If it is only 3 mm wide, it does look like a baby rock flower anemone.

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This is a baby rock nem that’s in my tank right now that’s about 4-5mm. You can see how baby rock nems have pointy tips, you can see another one behind it that’s smaller about 3-4mm has same thing. The one in question looks like it has round tips and only around the outside so it looks like a baby majano anemone to me. Time will tell!

Pic of baby majano anemone, see how the tips are round.

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