Life is hard


Tim- 2019 BRS President
BRS Member
I am sorry for the losses. Let us know if you step back in the ring of reefing. This community is great to those who have been hit hard by tragedy.


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That's a double kick in the gut. So sorry. I know the feeling on the second part. Lost a 13 year reef last year to flood in the big March storm. Tank is still stacked empty in the garage, but it's time to start over again.
I hope you find some peace and do the same.


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That's terrible, sorry to hear this. I with there were some sort of statistics on what's the percentage of tanks that leak. Different brands, models, glass vs acrylic, etc.


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So sorry for your loss. This hobby and this life can be brutal. Sometimes I think we are all masochists but when it works it can be great.

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