Light dead! Please help!

Hi guys! My 6' aquatic life t5 fixture is down. Is there anyone out there that can fix it?
I was sitting down eating dinner and the light and everything in the room went out. I went downstairs and turned on the breaker, came up and everything but the light was working. No power to the light at all. Not even the clock on the light is on.
I would love to get this fixed, but i know i might have to buy another light and thats why im asking for help. If anyone has a 6' t5 for sale please lmk. Or anything else? I dont get on here much and this is kind of an emergency so if anyone can help please text or call
978 751 2076
Also not sure how ling my corals will last w no light. I have a bunch of acros and other sps :(


Man never thought i would find another like it but bought this on ebay. And woke up tgis morning w a text from a brs member who has the same as my old one. And my friend scabbedwings616 is letting me borrow a 4ft light till the new one gets here. Thanks everyone who reached out


Dz6t you are dong right? I head about you a long time and would love to come grab some coral and chat reef tanks w you. I wont be buying any coral for a cpl weeks after this light lol. But thanks for reaching out. I will bring the light one day when i can make it there


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Yes. I am Dong.
I am glad you get the situation resolved. Looking forward to meeting you in the near future.

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