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Once again Archit and the crew at Love The Reef have gone above and beyond.

I e-mailed with Archit back and forth several times (probably much more than several times :)) with tank and stand questions. Like many times before, Archit is always patient, knowledgeable, and quick with a response.
A new tank and stand was ordered for me (45 gallon rimless) and it arrived quickly. Archit opened the packaging for me to ensure that the new tank and stand arrived in excellent condition.

It doesn't stop there though.....
I had the sizes a little wrong, so the car needed a little rearranging to get things to fit comfortably for the ride home and I managed to forget a bungee cord or rope to tie the trunk down.
Archit assisted the whole way through, he even found some plastic to tie the trunk down (he did that for me too).

Love The Reef continues to provide unmatched customer service (and awesome corals).

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