Mandarin and Diamond Goby


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Has anyone successfully kept these two together in a reef tank? Would like to add a goby to help stir up the sand. 180g with 20g fuge. I would like to think that I have a fairly large and healthy population of pods. However a couple of weeks of having my mandarin and the pod activity at night has gone down a bit. Thanks to PaulB, I have been feeding my mandarin live baby brine shrimp to help supplement his feedings. Have also added the 5280 pods from Algae Barn.

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Terry Martin

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I have a Mandarin in a 200g tank with no fuge and it's survived and grew a lot without eating anything I put in the tank, so I'd be very surprised if you had any troubles.


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My two mandarins eat a lot from the sand bed, so if a diamond goby is a sand sifter perhaps he could sift out all the pods, for fear of competition I keep my stocking list with fish that won’t greatly effect the pod population. I have had a male mandarin in my 40 for 3 years come December and his female mate for a year in January, both trained to pellets but still very dependent on live foods the tank provides. They are in an IM40 with a small fuge in the back. Also my yellow watchmen is aggressive toward the mandarins occasionally so that may be another thing to consider.

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