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Figured I'd start a thread for my 180. Figure more a tank journal than a build thread but figured this is the place. Tank was set up early 2017. Was set up with a 180gal display and 75gal under tank sump. 2 32" reefbreeders photon v1's, 4 mp40's, mag 12 return, clip on fuge light, and asm4 skimmer.



I had let the tank mature with minimal livestock and only 1 or 2 zoas. Built a basement sump/fish room and had planned on letting it run with the frag tank to let some rock cook and mature in it for 4 months but after finding a piece of firewood in the sump most likely from my little sons, I decided to switch the dt to the basement sump sooner than wanted.

Then earlier this year we upgraded the lighting from the reefbreeders to 3 kessil ap700's and absolutely love them. Also started to add some coral from a few hobbyist and ffm. Moved one of the reefbreeders light to the frag tank.



Picked up a used mag18 to replace the mag12. Also picked up a used mp40 and added it to the dt. Went to Keep on reefing and picked up a black widow nem along with a couple frags and the wife won a bunch. Guy taking down his tank hooked me up with some fish.





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Oh how I want me a big tank with that basement sump set up!

It looks awesome!

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Thanks, anytime you need a hand. Built the stand, canopy, and light rack about 13yrs ago. The sump and fish room about 9months ago. Trying to decide if I should keep the 40gal on the system as the future frag tank or if I should set up a 75gal that I have as a separate system. Both would use the same equipment to run so there would be nothing that I would have to upgrade. Same systems benefit is water volume, different systems benefit is having a separate backup for the tank. Going to fill the top in with sps, bottom is doing well with lps and zoas trying to leave enough room between for a nice size colony grow out.

tank o tang

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Thanks. Hopefully I'll pick up some sps at Keep on Reefing for the top. Going to be mostly common sps, nothing exotic for me. Had a stupid me moment last summer and forgot to refill the KH dosing container for a while and KH fell through the floor, surprised I didn't loose everything but lost a lot. The 40 is there for when I start to frag stuff. One of my quirks in this is I don't like to see frags in the DT unless they are there to grow. I did change from running my carbon in a reactor to a sack and haven't noticed any difference.

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