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A new knee for your BDAY... kinda nice? Maybe you can get a front tooth fill versus an actual implant for the required 6 months? Sorry to hear about the tooth....


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I have never used tisbe pods and never saw them. I hatch shrimp every day and put them in the feeder. They are only healthy just after they hatch so there is no purpose to put them in Tupperware unless you are going to host a Tupperware party. So the shrimp don't have a chance to die.
I did not hook up my feeder since I moved here, it got crushed in the move, but I will make another one soon as I have a lot of pipefish, mandarins, scooter bleenies etc.
My tupperware is the feeder... I used a small tupperware bowl with nylon over it to create the feeding station but many of the shrimp died in it... instead of swimming out? and the mandarin never perched on it like it did in your videos? If I put the shrimp in direct I *think* my tangs eat them all along with the wrasse. I can try that again... my mandarin is not as fat as he used to be... and I don't see pods any more. I have had him for 5 years and I know he eats blood worms / mysis / and brine shrimp. but my other fish are faster....
I’ve officially found my favorite thread on the Internet.

Paul, living in Boston and have the ocean basically at my back door, I was curious about your process for natural seawater collection. What type of filter do you use and are you concerned for stuff in the water such as maybe oil or who knows.

I also second the coral glue for the tooth. Sounds good as new to me ;)
I did glue the tooth back in and am hoping for the best. :p

To collect water, I go to a beach, throw a bilge pump into the water with a hose connected to it and pump water into vats in my car. At home I filter it because it has seaweed, sand, hypodermic needles, parts of submarines etc. Sometimes I use a coffee filter, sometimes my diatom filter depending on how fine the sediment is in it.

Then I wait for it to heat up and throw it in. I never worry about any of the "Stuff" you mentioned and have been doing this for 50 years. :)

The Grand Kids are all excited for Christmas and kind of noisy which is driving me crazy so I decided to take them for a little walk by the sea. In their Pajamas
I have to say I have a great wife. Last night she threw me a fantastic surprise birthday party at a hard cider mill here. She had about 40 of our closest friends and it was a blast. Well, as blasty as it can get for Geezers.
Some of these people we know from high school.
I was totally surprised, everyone kept it a big secret. She threw me a 30th, 40thy, 50th, 60th and I still didn't catch on. Boy, am I easy to fool.


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. Tell me that video is shock and awe and wasn’t you! That’s crazy either way.

I don’t see much difference in knee surgery and carpentry!

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For the pain I also have this electric thing that you put ice in and there is a cuff that goes around your knee. Ice water is pumped through the thing with an electric pump.
But the best thing I kind of invented almost exactly like Gel packs is 3 one gallon size zipper bags one inside the other. Then I get non toxic antifreeze which is sold in marina's, Home Depot of camping stores and mix half of that with half water and stick it in the bags. It forms a jell that conforms to your knee, or shoulder, thumb, nose, appendix etc.
For now it is that and drugs. Lots of drugs. The drugs must be working because I think I froze the drugs and drank the antifreeze :help:

Chris A.

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I had that cooler with the ice water :D
It works great. Most confusing part for me was going to the bathroom, what a project lol
I made it downstairs to my workshop to see my fish. It wasn't easy and it's the first time I got off the walker since the operation but my fish needed me.
I was going to jump down,but I figured it was prudent to use a cane. I had to take extra drugs to get here but I saved some for my fish, who look very good by the way. Nothing at all has been done to the tank in 2 weeks and I have had multiple people who have no idea what a fish is besides dinner feeding them. I made up some frozen food packates and thats what they use. I normally thaw and rinse them but I can't ask people to do to much so I just tell people to toss them in. By doing this, I really should change the water but thats not going to happen. I only did one water change since I moved here 5 months ago which is almost normal for me but not after all this abuse.
My algae scrubber is growing produce and my skimmer looks like a cement mixer but the fish have to live with me, I don't have to live with them, so they will have to conform.

Everything looks great, no dying corals or croaking fish and the spawning fish are still spawning. I am surprised the 2 dragon faced pipefish are still in the front and partying as I have not target fed them yet.

Of course if I ran a sterile, quarantined tank, I would be looking for a new hobby by now as those tanks can't take any abuse. I also have no idea what any parameters are but whatever they are, it's the same as the Long Island Sound where I got the water from. Now that I am thinking about it, I may dose some calcium. I don't remember doing that yet.

If I choose to lose the walker for a few minutes and use the cane, I pay for it. That titanium in my leg may have come from a Snowflake titanium mine
In Girly Man town because it won't let me put my full weight on it yet. But I keep pushing it. They also forgot to put a grease fitting in it.
I spent the day yelling at elevator construction workers but I think I got it to where they are coming at 8:00am and I am not allowing them to leave until I ride the thing down. Then they will have to get every greasy fingerprint off my siding and every piece of saw dust off my driveway, and remove every piece of trash before I pay them. And they have to take that trash with them as it is not allowed to go into my dumpster. I made sure that was in my contract.
YYYYyyaaaaaaaaaa My elevator is working. It was a long process but it is finally done. I had to do some of the work because I doubt these guys would ever get it running but now it is. Many "Craftsman" can't figure out things unless they have the exact part or tool. Thats like if I said, I have a piece of cheese cake, but I can't eat it because I don't have a fork, only spoons.


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YYYYyyaaaaaaaaaa My elevator is working. It was a long process but it is finally done. I had to do some of the work because I doubt these guys would ever get it running but now it is. Many "Craftsman" can't figure out things unless they have the exact part or tool. Thats like if I said, I have a piece of cheese cake, but I can't eat it because I don't have a fork, only spoons.
Paul I totally get this. I am an electrician like you and let me tell you the upcoming guys have no common sense or ambition to figure out how to get things done. Glad your elevator is finally complete and operational. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! Oh ha BTW elevator guys are snowflakes lol!

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