Event 2023 Frag Farmers Market | March 4th | 10-4 | E.O. Smith High School | Storrs, CT

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Damn doggie, you skipped out on BRS' 20th Anniversary event but are going to this, lol. See you there, make sure to stop by the BRS booth to purchase some BRS Merch.
Ya man, i tried to take the day off for that but, the day was already taken. I’ll try and get there this year though!
This event is always the highlight of the year for me. I will be a vendor there as usual and really enjoy spending time talking reef with folks.
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Okay, here it is... the 2023 New England Frag Farmer's Market Vendor List. It is another HUGE list of great vendors for this year. Most of the regular names are back, and few great new ones have been added to the ranks. It will be another great year, and definitely one not to miss. More vendors at the FFM than at any other show, two day or one day! Hope to see everyone out there on March 4th at E.O. Smith High School in Storrs CT for the 16th annual Frag Farmer's Market!
Inevitably I forgot someone, spelled someone's name wrong and there may be some shifting between now and March 4th. I'll post updates as they come up!

As of this morning, here it is...
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Dirk's Aquatics
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Lil's Critters
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Marine Science Magnet High School
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Salty Coral Wizard
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The Amazing Diverman
The Coral Farm
The Reef Shoppe
The Sound School
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