adventures in setting up a reef tank...

As all you reefers know setting up a reef tank is not for wusses.

We are in the process of setting up a 125gal with a 55 sump.
A 125 gal tank is HEAVY!

Sump is done- here is my daughter showing it off.

it is in our laundry room, tank is on the other side of the wall.

Our plumbing looked great.. but it leaks on one side, so we have to re-do it... Such a long process!
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Next up- completed sump, all plumbing has been fully operational for several days no leaks. WooHoo!

Drains into right section with skimmer and moves to the left through the fuge to the return on the left.
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Now for a FTS

Duncan (seapig) is moving and needs to put his 125gal tank into storage.. So I now have the contents of his tank in the 125g tank I just bought from Steakman.
Pair of maroon clowns, the female is huge!
assorted live rock and corals.. he had about 70-80lbs live rock, I already had about 50lbs...

I don't know a lot about the corals. Plan to get an LED light soon.
The BTA from my 56g split- so I put one in this tank- and wouldn't you know it it picked a spot BEHIND the rocks, and the clowns are hosting.. but we can't see it.. :p


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Damn that's a big urchin! Better glue down those corals and stabilize those rocks! Very nice though. Love how clean the sump setup is too.


Saltwater OCD Victim
Might not be a fan now, but when you realize how much potential algae that beast can eat, well, that thing is a beast! Lol.
I miss the one we had at the shop last year. It was incredible, must've been a foot wide atleast. Those maroon clowns are huge too.
It's funny because everything is so big that it looks like a 20 gallon tank then you look at the stand and surrounding stuff in the picture and you're like oh wow.
So.. 13 days since the transfer.
Everything is looking good -one fish didn't survive transfer, but the other three seem fine, as do the corals.
There is a bit of hair algae on some of the rocks.. what should I do about that? Just pull it off w/ a tweezer?
Plumbing seems to be working well, no leaks! I need to read the manual for the skimmer.. a tunze. It overflows, so I need to figure out how to adjust it correctly.

Also- the maroon clowns are large and territorial.
I would like to add a couple fish, but I don't want the clowns to bully/beat them up...
I'd like a wrasse and a tang...
Any particular ones I should be looking at?

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