Backup power - Idea, thoughts, solutions?


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Those number" this is me" quoted is starting watts that number goes down pretty quick. Most appliance are on cycles. Chances of the sump pump and fridge freezer turning on at same time is pretty rare. Your not going to be running AC unless ur using something bigger than 5k. Just for emergency use 3-5 will do small medium house


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I have a dewalt 7000 watt generator. $600 if interested. Was 1000 brand new, ours had a part crap the bed, they sent us a new one. Ran once to test it before bringing it home.

Let me know if your interested. Ran 3 tanks and the refrigerator during a power outage 2 years ago.


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What's the problem with Generac?
I have a Generac and has worked well for me over the years. I had to run it once for 3 days straight. Powered tanks, fridge, freezer, lights no problem. Should I be looking to replace it?[/QU
I've just had problems with them. Some how they wire up others with Tec support and them breaking down
After reading Dr. Hiller's article, it appears that water circulation is most important and that it doesn't need to be significant. Meaning, a single powerhead is probably enough in the short term 24 hour period. So, using a smaller powerhead, like a jebeo rr-8 on the lowest setting may be fine for the short term of around 24 hours.

How do I calculate how long something like that will run on a battery of x size? Should I look for something with DC or an normal AC plug?

A UPS I suppose will do the trick, but those are approaching $200+ too. I wasn't able to find anything that converts power from a ridgid or ryobi battery to AC or DC...that would be nice. I also have several USB cell phone packs. Can something like that work?

Also, (1) would a big power bank work (say 25,000 mAh), (2) can something like that be connected to a dc plug, (3) how do I determine how long the power bank will last so I can stop asking dumb questions. How can tell whether a jump start battery, or a camping battery pod, will work?

Now I am being cheap. If I am going to by something, it would be nice to have alternative uses other than just a backup power for a pump that happens once ever 4 years.


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You have to run gas generator outside.
Blackout happens often after a big snow storm in dead winter or a tornado kissing your house.

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Given Hiller's article, water circulation is critical. So what is the least expensive route to running one powerhead, such as a rr-8 jebao (or similar) DC with AC plug...on the lowest settings?

Hopefully using (1) ridgid or ryobi batteries - didn't find anything, (2) battery packs (maybe something that can be used camping or on travelling? I don't have an air stone battery pack nor am i fond of buying mad D batteries. On the other hand, maybe I can buy a UPC system for my pc as it prevents short outages, and use that to run the fish tank for anything longer.

The dumb math question - How do I calculate how long the power source will run something like a rr-8, which is probably 10 watts? I see all of these battery packs but I don't know the math to calculate whether it will run the powerhead overnight.

If I am not going this route, then a generator to run frig/heater and fish tanks makes the most sense. So $100 or $1000+ LOL.


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For a single 75 gallon tank,
a Reefbreeders RP-M wavemaker with the included power adaptor, $129
A 20,000 mah phone charger on Amazon. $20
Provide over 12 hrs of water movement and near 0 efforts to setup, priceless.

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Get the biggest generator you can afford. Every 5 years or so, I 'd lose power for about 4 days, and have to limp through powering the tank/house off the Prius, always with some tank losses. In winter, the tank heaters use a lot of energy (water changes with stove heated snow melt), so after the last storm I broke down and bought a generator (Honda ~5.5kW) and never regretted it... plus with 240, can run the well pump and take a hot shower.


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6500 watt Generator with 6 circuit manual transfers switch runs all my tanks and 3 complete first floor rooms cable, phone, internet, heat and hotwater. 10 minutes to plug it in and up and running.

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No one duct seals the pipes up. Did a freezer job once you wouldnt believe the condensation. Similar thing is often cause of rusted panles metters. There is often 20 or more degree difference in temperature. Thats good for a cup or more of condention on hummus day.

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