Clean sand or not?


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Who cleans their sand and who doesn't? I have a deepish sand bed in my tank and don't clean it and never really have a problem but I do have the "gunk" look in the sandbed by the glass. Contemplating cleaning it to have white and clean sand at the glass panels. Sort of never paid attention to it but been seeing clean white sand beds up against the glass and it's making me reconsider.

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Every now and then I clean the glass where the sand is. That's about it. Just push aside the sand away from the glass and clean it.
But this is like playing with fire on scratching the glass. I don't usually touch the glass anywhere near the sand.


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Sometimes I will use a Python tube to suck up the sand against the glass, but I don’t scrap the glass like this is me does. There is still coralline against the glass.


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I don't clean my sand. As others said, cleanup crew and once in a while scraping the glass just past the top of the sand (carefully).

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