HELP!!! Hair algae invasion!

This hair algae in my 125 is out of control and I have no idea what’s causing it. When my tank finished cycling it was crazy long like this and then I scrubbed a lot away. I’ve been doing scrubbing every weekend since and I even bought a sea hare! Have 10 turbos as well. Don’t let the pictures fool you it’s literaly 3-6” long strands

Phosphate is at .031 ppm done with a hanna UL checker
Nitrate at around 5 ppm with an API kit


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I would considering doing a few big water changes and manual removal. Levels could be low due to the uptake of the hair algae

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so whats making it grow if theres low nutrients?
All during the day fish are excreting waste and putting nutrients into the water column. Corals and algae are using these nutrients and removing them from the water column. If the corals and algae "need" more nutrients than the fish are excreting, chances are that your test kit will measure zero which doesn't really mean zero - it just means the level is below the detection threshold of your test kit. But the algae is still perfectly able to grow just at a slower rate.

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