How do you flow?


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My gyre has been having issues (not the first time), so I am looking for a change.
I have been looking into the mp40qd, but I'm not sure how quiet it is (it has to be quiet)
Anyone have experience?
Thoughts on Tunze?


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I have been wondering if gyres are worth it as well. I am torn between flow being why I can’t keep sps or lighting.

Link below is my tank. I run it in full gyre regularly. I just changed it to pulsing mode to create more wave/sloshing. I want to get input. If this is not the discussion I will make my own post. But I have a jecod cp-40 in the tank. Moves water well for 2/3rds of the tank and randomizes flow on the far left.

I am open to suggestions on placement and other options.
First video is the gyre second is the pulsing mode.



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Gyre is good for shallow frag tanks. That is why I use them.
Otherwise I would use regular wave makers.

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Happy to have a broad flow discussion!
My issue with gyre comes down to mechanical failure.....overall flow can probably be optimized too (100gallon tank). It was nice and quiet for the living room though.

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Noise is subjective. What's quiet to others might not be for you. Location of the tank will also dictate how much noise is tolerable. If the tank is near where you sleep or study, even the slightest nose can bother you. It also depends if it's a constant noise(I actually like this for sleeping) or erratic noise.
With that said, I would not categorize the MP40QD I've used quiet by any mean when you have it pulse mode. Tolerable? Yes. But not silent.
I've used both MP and Tunze. For noise(or lack of), I would go with Tunze. I'm currently using Two 6255s and they're much quieter than the two MP60QD I've tried and also can push the sand around at the other end of the 6' peninsular. MP60QD was not able to do that.
However, I've been successfull using MP40QD on a smaller tank but I have one at each end of the tank.

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