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I wouldn't add more gobies but maybe another shrimp. Someone with more experience maybe able to change me in on whether multiple pistol shrimp can live together.

Reef2reef has a good invertebrate forum that might be able to help.
I did a bunch of reading beforehand and I’ve seen a few posts on R2R and RC with multiple gobies (stonogobiops), sometimes interspecies pairs of gobies/shrimps, all sharing the burrows and I’d hoped to get lucky (too.) They seem fine, but whichever fish is not with the shrimp looks so lonely and doesn’t seem happy in the open water.

Especially when it’s the Yasha that is out. She looks pitiful.
So last night I swung by Tropic Isle (WOW!) and picked up another pistol shrimp. So cute!!

While I drip acclimated him, I fed the fishes, then waited til the lights got super low. I let him loose and he rewarded me by finding an old coral skeleton chunk up against the front of the glass, and went to it. He began burrow making, and it may be one of the top 5 things I've ever seen in reefing. His little sand storm, the back flips, the creep out, back in, flip, dig some more. It was SO cool!

He was paired with stonogobiops nematodes at the store. My S nematodes is currently shacked up with the resident shrimp, leaving the S yasha lonely. I'd hoped the S yasha would find the shrimp in his makeshift burrow and they'd live against the glass happily forever after and I could peek into their little burrow life.

This morning I went in to peek at the tank, and found he hadn't left his little makeshift burrow from last night to join the other shrimp, nor had either goby joined him. S yasha is still looking all lonely hearts. S nematodes is living it up with it's shrimp, but the new guy is still chilling near the front glass YAY!

I fed everyone and enjoyed watching the little flurry of activity :)

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