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Membership Problem

Jim Tansey

Well-Known Member
BRS Member
I show as a non member but Pay Pal showed a recent payment, I'm on the auto-pay thing and have been for a few years.

Chris A.

Formally toomanyfish
BRS Member
You’ll need to cancel that subscription until you need to renew again and @Joe Rice will set it right for now. It’s a issue with the old site to the new one with PayPal.


IG/GreatBeardedReef 2020 President, 2019 BOD
Staff member
BRS Member
Jim, I can take a look at this a little bit later on. I'll post here with my findings.


BiGGie any chance you could help me out as well. I originally thought i addressed the membership issues when i first saw the sticky however i must have forgot. i am not too showing as a non-member however i just auto renewed on 9-13. my appologies


Tim- 2020- Secretary, 2019 BRS President
BRS Member
As Chris said, in PayPal there is a section for subscriptions. You will need to go into subscriptions and find the info@bostonreefers.org one and cancel it. When the website switched over PayPal didn’t speak well with the old subscription. So you will cancel the current subscription, notify us to activate your account and then when it expires next time upgrade your account with the new button in your account settings.

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