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Unless you have a machine gun mounted to the hood of that pt cruiser.... cupcake would be my choice of words. Or... it's a sleeper and hits 90 in 6 seconds. .. jeep is mighty fine indeed!

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My wife calls it a "tool" car. :(

Chris, you see that License plate? VNV means Viet Nam Veteran and no Viet Nam Veterans are Snowflakes. Especially combat Viet Nam Vets. :cool:

Abrooks, I am also no stranger to machine guns and have probably fired more machine gun rounds (in combat) than everyone on this forum put together. Besides, the 50 caliper machine gun pops up out of the roof with the flick of a switch that is located in the cup holder. :eek:

I have driven tanks which are 120,000 lbs and when they go over muscle cars, you don't even feel it as they get very flat. :rolleyes:

I don't have to judge my "Manliness" by my car. I am quite beyond that stage of my life as I can buy any car I want, and I want my PT Cruiser :D


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Haha. I'm just busting buttons (in 2002 I could have busted balls) you Like what you like. You're man above most and frankly on wouldn't mess with you if you pulled up next to me in a pink Mazda miata! I like trucks! My wifey has a mini Cooper, it's a go cart on steroids and i do enjoy driving it!

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Unfortunately, they don't make PT Cruisers any more so very soon I will trade it in and get another Jeep. (after about 90,000 miles you need to replace the timing belt and that is a horror to do) I bought my first PT Cruiser about 12 years ago because I retired then and did side jobs for a few years and I can put an 8' ladder in there and close the back. The back seats come out and are on wheels and the front passenger seat folds flat. I can put 10" lengths of pipe in there and only have to cut off 2" if I wanted to close the back. I can't put nearly that in my new Jeep.
I don't do side jobs any more so I don't need a car that I can put so much in. When I was in my 20s, a thousand years ago I had some very cool cars and I spent my life picking up girls and was very good at it. After I got married, (to a Supermodel) I have no reason to do that any more as that is for kids.

In those days, (the 60s) we never kept our cars stock. I had a Nassau Blue 1962 Bonneville with a 389 engine that I use to race. It had real blue leather seats, real mahogany and real chrome made out of real metal on the dashboard. It probably got 2 miles to the gallon but gas was about 27 cents so no one cared. Really nice car. Then I got an Oldsmobile Cutlass 3 speed, that I swapped out for a Muncie 4 speed and I raced that. I was working for Oldsmobile at the time and that car came in. I asked what was wrong with it because we gave the guy $250.00 for it. The Manager told me it had a cracked block.
I checked it out and found out it only needed a radiator cap. I got it for $250.00. Great car.
Abrooks, I know that. :D
I also like trucks, but here in New York no one buys trucks unless you are a contractor. But we like our 4 wheel drives as it snows a lot here.
I don't really care what I drive, I spend my money on this.

I don't know if I would call this a truck but this 1960 Willy's Jeep was a huge money maker for me as at the time, there were almost no 4 wheel drives. I got it for $700.00 and made double that the first time it snowed. I used to make almost $2,000.00 a day with it and that was in the 70s when I didn't make that much money in weeks. It helped me buy my house here. I re built the military engine and replaced the pistons and valves. It had an "F" head Willys military engine which had 4 valves in the head and 4 valves in the block.
It was designed to run completely underwater. (try that with your Chevy) :eek: The spark plug wires were in plumbing pipes and the distributer cap looked like a fire hydrant. The connecting rods were about a foot long, compared to a corvette which are about 4". The thing was only designed for power and nothing could match it. It had a Low, Low range where it would only go about 3mph. But you could drive it up to a brick wall. Get out and walk away and the 4 wheels would still be turning. You could not stop it. I used to pull taxi cabs out of mountains of snow "sideways". I also used to pull put tree stumps and take down trees. You couldn't stop it and you couldn't dent it, not even with a good size hammer.
The gray sides were from radiator covers in the Chrysler Building in Manhattan when I was working there.
Check out my hair. :rolleyes:

I am a little past my Macho days, But I did have a few years of them :D

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Chris A.

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Your cahones ( think I spelled that right ) have been busted lol
Knew you'd get a kick out of it Paul.
We need to laugh, sometimes at ourselves sometimes at others :D
Bendint, Thank You. I write this on my screen in red crayon and a retired Supermodel comes here and erases each letter as she types under it.

Chris, I am always laughing, sometimes I have to tell myself to shut up. :p
Macho Men can go from this

To this. And "This" is really Macho. :D

By the way, see that magazine in my M-16. It is the only 40 round magazine you will see on that weapon because I built it out of 2 18 round magazines and some sheet metal from a crashed helicopter. Girly men don't now how to do that. :p

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OOOOHHHHhhhh NNNoooooo, My blackworm tank crashed.

I don't remember when I set up my blackworm tank but It doesn't support blackworms any more. It must have a blackworm version of the Flu or chicken pox for worms.

Whenever I put in worms, they croak and turn into Jello.

I am currently bleaching it and I will have to cycle it again.

Normally I can add 4 or 5 portions of worms, but no more.

Tonight, after it bleaches for 10 hours, I will fill it with new water from my goldfish pond along with some scurvy stuff from the bottom and some garden soil. That should move along the cycle from 20 days to 20 minutes. I will let you know how that goes.

I won't run my tank without live worms

So today I washed and waxed my "all" fixed PT Cruiser and went for a spin. All of a sudden, It starts to overheat. OOOOOOOHHHHH NNNooooooo. I replaced the fan for nothing. It's something else. I have to question my mechanic skills and maybe get a Nerd card or worse, Snowflake card. Usually when I fix something, it stays fixed. I have completely lost confidence in myself and right now I am sticking my head in the gravel of my tank to hide my shame.

But before I did that, I tried to figure out the problem. I am positive that the old fan was defective. Could the new fan also be defective? I start with the testing all over again. It is hard because my PT Cruiser book is for a much older car and the wiring diagrams are totally different. I search the internet and can't find my car's wiring diagram. Now I have to do old fashioned detective work. I get out my trusty test light and jump in. I test the two relays and they are good. I switch them with each other and that doesn't work. Everything seems good. This is bad. If everything is good and it doesn't work, thats bad. Now I go and take a pain pill and put the car up on ramps. I want to jump out the fan and see if it is defective. I go to un plug the wiring harness from the fan, and it comes apart in my hands. Yeeeeahhh. The plug was loose. Like Duh. When I pulled up on the harness to connect the relays on top of the engine I must have pulled to hard and disconnected the fan wire. Simple two minute fix. I plug it in, turn on the car and the fan starts right up. This calls for two glasses of Grand Marnier and I may even give some to my fish. :D
Today I emptied out my goldfish pond and took all the fish back to the LFS where I got them from. I always empty it in the winter because it is a small pond and I only really built the thing to put in a fountain that I made from copper sheets and I had no place to put it.
I also put worms in my worm keeper to see how that works.

Then I want to my boat and had to fix the white light in the back. In my boat (and all boats) you need this silly light that sits on a pole about 6' high. (some boats can have short lights) The light reflector broke in a million pieces (apparently someone did the hustle or macarana on it during one of our not so quiet boat parties).
I went to get a new reflector and of course you can't get that. You have to buy the entire thing which costs almost as much as the boat. So I bought a one foot one and cut it apart and used the parts on my 6' light pole. It only cost me $36.00 for the $2.00 part that I needed. I often wonder how people live that don't know how to do things. Very few days go by that something doesn't break and I have to fix it. Either my car, boat or house something always breaks. Do people hire someone to fix all of these things or do they just leave them broken.
My wife has a cousin that doesn't know how to do anything so everything in his house is broken which drives me nuts. 99% of it is a no brainer things.

Here is my fountain. I took a video but I took it sideways. Is there any way to turn a video sideways? Anyone know how to do that?
The copper scoops all move up and down and there is a wheel near the water that spins.



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Love the Janss pipefish. They swim upside down right? Yours look so vibrant. I previously had one but remembered it was more dark reddish.

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