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I just remembered a story and the rare times I remember something I want to post them. I know I posted this on here probably near the beginning of last century so if you heard it go and watch "Naked and Afraid".
I think tonight they are hunting newts with spears.o_O

I was in Kings Cross in Sydney Australia on R&R from Nam in 1970 and I just got off the plane. I went on a double decker bus (which I had never seen before) and I went to the top and looked out the front window. I turned around and saw that there were mainly girls on the bus (in those days everyone was in the war) They all had mini skirts on which was new to me because I just spent 10 months in the jungle and when I got drafted not many girls wore them. All I saw in those ten months was monkeys, and some of them were starting to look good. Anyway, that doesn't matter. Well, to me it did. I saw this pretty girl in the front of the bus and she smiled so I sat down next to her. I would have sat next to her even if she threw a flounder and tire iron at me, but whatever. :p:p
She is for another story (which I also posted on here someplace. ) Anyway she gave me directions to my hotel even though I had a map. I was on this busy intersection trying to figure out where I was and these two guys older come up to me. One guy says something to me that sounded like "Hey Chap, woud, you % mind if & yu heped, guy $ street ##. Or something like that. I said "What!? He said it again a little slower. I could barely make out that he wanted me to help this blind guy across the street. (You Aussies speak funny) So I took the guys arm and I am standing there waiting for the light to turn green.

After a while I noticed that there was no light. No YIELD, no STOP, no CAUTION, no NOTHING. The cars were zooming all over the place with no spaces in between for me to cross, especially with a blind guy. :confused:

So the guy mutters to me, "Whats the matter Chap?" I said, How do you cross the street? Now I come from New York so I know what traffic looks like, but here we have traffic lights and everything.
He said "Oh No Problem Chap" and he lifts his cane and drags me into the street. I covered my eyes and got ready to scream in pain as we walked. I opened my eyes and noticed that the cars were going around us, on the sidewalk, in front and in back of us. They didn't slow down, they just kind of barely missed us. :eek:

We make it to the other side and the guy thanks me and walks off. Now I take out my map to see where I am.

Another blind guy comes over to me and he wants me to cross him back across the street. The same thing happens and now I am on the wrong side of the street looking for a blind guy to get be back to the other side. :rolleyes:

There was a "Lighthouse" blind people school, or social club on the corner so everyone, but me was blind.
You can't make this stuff up. :)
I have a problem with flatworms. There are so many flatworms that they are laying on top of each other and the bottom ones don't like that. That is not my problem. In some places they are so thick that I can't see the gravel. That is also not the problem.
The problem is that I like to name things and I am running out of names. :rolleyes::(
I need to cut back on this sponge and throw a bunch of it out. (unless anyone wants it)
It grows rather fast but it is easy to cut. I lie a lot of sponges because they eat microscope particles (and parasites I would imagine) and they keep the water very clear. I just need to watch it because it takes up spaces where I would rather grow corals.

I also notice my new, small hippo tang just started to swim around and not be afraid of anything has a white patch on his black stripe. I didn't look at him when I bought him out of a tank of a bunch of them. I just told the guy to catch one. I think it s a type of fungus but I am almost 100% sure it will heal on it's own with no help from me.

I collected water today as it was 70 degrees. The air, not the water which is probably about 40. I tested the alk and it is 5. No wonder my tank is so low. My calcium kit doesn't really work as I can't get the reagents out of the bottle. :rolleyes:

The salinity is also good for catfish so I had to add a lot of salt. I had to diatom filter it as it was a nice shade of green. Now it looks like gin and after I warm it up, I will dump it in. :D
I just discovered 6 or 7 tiny creatures about 4 or 5 times the size of a new born brine shrimp on one of my powerheads. They were running all over the place so I caught one and put him under my microscope.
I am not sure what they are but they are not fish and probably not Godzilla larvae so some type of invert. The only inverts I have now that could spawn are my hermit crabs so they may be them. (but I doubt it)
I didn't add anything from the sea since last summer except NSW but I diatomed that because it was green so I am not sure what these things are. I don't have time to seperate them and see if they grow because we are babysitting this weekend but if I can catch some next week, I will try to do that.
So I had this knee replaced over 4 months ago and if Christie Brinkley was 20' from me giving out free frags, I would not be able to beat a two year old with diaper rash to get over there.

The Doc says I have a neuroma. That's great and just what I wanted. I don't think I will be able to SCUBA in a few weeks when I go to the Caribbean, Not that I like diving there anyway, but I figure if I am there anyway, I would at least get wet.

We are Babysitting our 5 and 6 year old this weekend and my knee aged 10 years in 10 hours. I took them down to a pond to look for tadpoles (I know they are not there as it is too cold but I am looking for anything to occupy them). They started to fight so I had to carry one 100 yards back to my house while I pushed the other one on a rusty tricycle and at about 50 yards I almost had to call a helocopter with 6 paramedics (four men and two females) to air lift me to a hospital. :eek:
But I made it back alive....Barely.

I have these small, very manly stress cracks in my spine from all the real man work I did all my life and crashing in two helicopters probably didn't help. These things rarely affect me but like ich occasionally flair up. If you get to my age and nothing hurts, you probably had a Girly, sissy man job where you moved some papers around or typed something once in a while as you looked out the window at the pretty birds saying Doot do do, Doot da do and humming the theme song from The Sound of Music. The play, not the movie. :rolleyes:

Last night I was feeding my tank, (and sipping some Grand Marnier) and I saw this huge claw sticking out under a coral. I thought to myself, then I said it out loud OMG, what is that? At first I thought a Godzilla Larvae somehow survived my very strict quarantine routine (NOT)
I looked closer and saw that it is a porcelain crab.
One of these. But they usually don't get more than about an inch. I figure this one, from his claw is more like 2".
I have, or had 5 of these guys in there but I didn't see any for months and thought they all went to crab Heaven, but I thought wrong.
They are filter feeders and I am very happy he is still with me. :D
Their claws are just for trimming their toe nails.

I just hope he doesn't change into one of these. :eek:


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