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While I am waiting for my wife to get up so we can go to breakfast I figured I would ramble, or waste time because there are no new posts that I am interested in or should comment on for fear that I would be banned for my "Avant Garde" procedures. I have been up since 1:00, not on purpose but that is for another post. If you Google "Lousy nights sleep, you see me". Uh Uh she just got up and I was going to say something so Earth shattering that you have no idea. Neither do I. :cool:

I was looking at my tank last night in the dark with a little Grand Marnier and I thought, OMG, I have too many fish. I have a lot of hiders so at first you don't see half of them. (kind of like Supermodels on a bad hair day) I like the hiders best because they, kind of like me are loners. (but I have a ton of friends, some with hair)

The hiders I have are a Janss pipefish, possum wrasse 2 Gecko Gobies (I really love them but never saw an entire fish as they really hide) mandarins, but they do what they do, scooter bleeny (which are not really bleenies) and 3 or 4 other fish that are so secretive that I forgot what they are but are very cool. (I think one is a basselet, or maybe stripped bass).

Speaking of loners, even though I have a lot of very close friends on many occasions, especially when I was young 87 years ago I always did better on my own. In those days real Men, like me spent our time searching for girls. (no I was not a Perv, that's what all Real Men did)

These were just singers at a Veterans event.

If I wanted to have luck at that I would go off on my own. (We didn't have web sites then as the only webs were made by spiders) I would go to a beach or park, find one hitch hiking etc. and have a nice date on a beach and maybe we would make a connection and I found a girlfriend.
I could talk the chrome off of a 1957 Chevy bumper.

I didn't look like Brad Pitt but not Tim Conway (like I do now) either. But many men didn't know how to do it and they went around in mobs, loud mobs. I tried to be a little more sophisticated and it seemed to work out.

My own BFF who I married 45 years ago (and stopped searching for girls) I met at a wedding. She was too young for me but I dated her older cousin.

I even air brushed her picture in Vargas style when she was 18

OK time to go out. Sorry for the rambling, I will try to think of some fish stuff to post. :rolleyes:

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