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I just got back from bike riding and have to say, the roads here in farm/sea/ wine country are loaded with wildlife. About a mile or less away we have a horse rescue farm that takes horses that were either abused or are sick or near the end of their life and allows them to live out their days in relative "Horse Paradise". As I approach them the first thing you smell is "wet horse". I was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Queens and didn't get much of that aroma.
There is also a Miniature rescue horse farm where the horses were either pets or in petting zoos.
We also have a Buffalo "ranch". No, really, this guy keeps a few hundred head of buffalo, the rest of the buffalo are attached to the heads.
There is a some kind of farm I pass right near my house and the amount of life in there boggles my mind and there isn't a lot of space to boggle. We have deer up the Kazoo, all the way up. Birds, forgetaboutit. Bluejays, red wing blackbirds, ospreys, swans, geese, egrets, Quail, ducks, chickens, turkeys (which are as big as Emu's) Humming birds and birds that know the words, Cardinals and I think I saw a Pope.
Rabbits are like, well, rabbits, foxes (no, I am not talking about the Lady's, they don't get up at that time).
And bugs, I have never seen this many types of bugs since I was in Viet Nam. Of course in Viet Nam the bugs were bigger and would carry you home to feed their nephews.
I know a lot of people on here live in farm country and this is normal to you. It is relatively new to me.
On the way to my Grand Daughters we encountered this little Fella walking across the road.

I love turtles and stopped to make sure he wouldn't become turtle sushi. He wasn't walking fast enough for me so I helped him across the street.
I have been encountering a lot of turtles lately and some people here call me "Turtle Man" which I kind of like.
I am taking out the "Girls" today for Girls Night out and have to get to the boat to make sure it is in great shape and light all the girly smelling candles.
Still cleaning up from the Fourth of July, but almost done.
My Main Squeeze looks good.

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Looking forward to making this my first BRS gathering and meeting others from the community.
If you're referring to this meeting from the first post {{The next meeting of the Boston Reefers' Society will be on: Saturday, September 17th, 2016 noon to 4:00pm with Paul Baldassano.}} double check the date (year). Don't want you showing up somewhere alone & disappointed...


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If you're referring to this meeting from the first post {{The next meeting of the Boston Reefers' Society will be on: Saturday, September 17th, 2016 noon to 4:00pm with Paul Baldassano.}} double check the date (year). Don't want you showing up somewhere alone & disappointed...
So confused LOL
Whats the location on that one?I mustve misread i didnt check date of post...
The girls had a great time on the boat and didn't want to come home.
My wife had an accident though getting off the boat at the restaurant. We docked at the gas dock but it wasn't a floating dock so my wife had to step up about 2' from the boat to the dock. Her leg didn't make it and good thing I was holding her. She almost went into the water but I had a grip on her and managed to hoist her up to the dock. Her shin was all cut up and she bled all over her shoes. I had a first aid kit on the boat and patched her up with a 6' gauze bandage. It didn't ruin her night, just her shoes. :(

I have the entire steamer trunk taken apart and I removed all the hardware along with hundreds of nails and metal. I sanded the entire thing smooth which was easier than scraping to remove the old canvas.

I ordered new canvas, leather handles and hand made nails. Today I also found a source right near my home for cedar which I will line the thing with as the paper in the inside is all rotted off. I will use all of the existing metal and I won't re-finish it too much as I want the age to show. I still have to sand all the oak slats that were all over the top and sides.



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Sounds like a blast. Wish I had a friend with a boat

Trunk looks wicked. As for living in the country.... I am in a city In mass, but I know I have everything that eats chickens by how they killed them. Fischer cats, weasels, Fox, coyotes, and others I am sure I forgot that killed a couple of my chickens.
Aresangel. I was born in Brooklyn and was raised in Queens. Now I am in farm country as I can't take the traffic any more. I used to have a friend with a boat and I liked it, so I bought one, almost 50 years ago. :D

The inside of the chest smelled like "Old people.":confused: :oops:
I sprayed it a few times with bleach and water, now it smells like Lotus Blossoms in the wind, with bleach.
That belt sander is very old. It died last week and I had to re-condition it and solder a wire on to the brushes. I would never throw out an old American tool as I would have to replace it with something from China and that can't happen. It is as good as new now but I have to get the belts on line as they don't make that size any more. It's a Craftsman but Sears is going out of business and now just carry snowflake shoes and shirts. :cool::eek:

The sander does have a vacuum built in to catch the dust but sanding the old canvas off just made too much dust. The canvas turned into cement and they used flour and water for glue so I can collect the dust from that and bake a cake with it if I like. Maybe I will invite you over to sample that. :beer:
I held my Re-designed vacuum next to the sander to take off the excess dust.
I bought nails, canvas and handles for that trunk and I got them yesterday. The "hand made" nails come from an ancient machine that used to make the nails when that trunk was made. It makes one at a time. :rolleyes:o_O

They are special nails that are very soft and designed to be bent over inside the wood. I don't have to do that as I am putting 5/8ths cedar inside the trunk so the nails can go into that. Bending each of about 400 nails over is too time consuming at my age. :agree:
I also have stuff to "age" the shiny nails.
The sheet metal that goes on the sides, corners, bottom and a lot of other places is rusty. I will reuse it and just blacken some of the rust as I don't want the thing looking brand new. :cool:

If I get time today, I will work on it. I still have to sand the wood slats. I thought they were oak but I think they are maple.

My restored drill.

My vacuum is very cool. Virtually all the dust gets collected in that top bucket and none of it goes into the lower vacuum container where the filter is so the filter "never" gets clogged. Nothing goes on to the filter so I never have to clean it and it never loses suction.
The top part of the bucket with that vortex thing on it just twists off and I lift out the bucket to empty.
I connect it to my radial arm saw when I use it .

Today we went to Nikola Tesla's birthday party. Right near my house. No Really! they still have his workshop/laboratory and the pad where he had his huge Tesla coil that was supposed to give everyone in the world free electricity.
Of course thats why they stopped funding him. Free is not a great thing for businessmen.
Anyway he is the reason we have AC electricity today as well as Radio, TV, cell phones, dosers, electric eels, Facebook, controllers, etc.

I was totally disgusted with the event. The guy was one of the greatest minds in the history of the world right behind Justin Beaber and in almost 80 years since he died they did absolutely nothing with his workshop. It is still boarded up and no one is allowed in. Next month they said they were going to do a little work on the chimney. The Chimney! after 80 years thats all they are getting to repair.
Supposedly under the shop there is tunnels and a shaft that goes down 120' so he could anchor the tower so it could "shake the earth".
But all you can see is the outside.

The entire event was a big waste of money and they could have done so much better. Near the gate where you pay $25.00 they were selling half wraps with a small container of potato salad which we bought for ten bucks, But they had no napkins or forks to eat the potato salad so I assumed you were supposed to eat it like an Aardvark and suck it out with your tongue. Luckily we are smart enough to cut a piece of the container off and make forks but people who don't know how to do that had to use a stick or credit card I guess. :eek::(

Then they had this big truck selling cookies and grilled cheese sandwiches, which is an odd combination. Now we were like the fifth people in there as we got there when it opened and I went to buy a cookie.
The guy tells me they ran out. I said, how many did you bring? Six! :oops:

They they had Port O Sans and next to them they had a portable sink which I thought was nice. There was a paper towel holder next to the sink to dry your hands but no garbage cans in the event so I assumed they wanted you to put the wet paper in your pocket and take it home. :confused:o_O

I don't know what people think when they put on these events. They could make so much more money and have more people come back the next year but they just don't get it.
It was like 90 degrees and they had lots of chairs out in the sun for the "Scientific Presentation" about Tesla that I wanted to hear. It's the only reason I went, but the entire thing was to thank the volunteers who put the thing together. No science, nothing about grilled cheese, no discussion about ich, nothing.

There was a 40' replica of Tesla's tower that was supposed to make a display, which was a spark. But after that titillating speech in the sun we forgoed that and went home. Total waste of time.

The best thing there was a Lady selling tick repellent which didn't have much to do with Tesla. But she had some ticks stuck to Scotch tape and she was a tick expert.

She also told us that they were not allowed to spray to kill ticks any longer on Long Island where ticks are very prevalent. We asked why and she said the jewelers complained and sued the state. I said "The Jewelers".
Why would Jewelers care if they kill ticks. She said because if they eliminate the ticks, clocks would just go "Tock, Tock, Tock. :rolleyes::p
Yesterday I looked at my tank, I have been so busy that I rarely look at the thing unless I hear the crabs banging on the glass to get my attention. One "arm" on one of my SPS bleached. I figured I would test the water. The Alk was like 4 and the calcium was so low I couldn't make an Alka Seltzer tablet out of the entire tank. So I dumped a load of alk in until it went up to 7.
Don't worry, I did it over about 5 minutes. :eek:
I don't believe in Old Wives tales unless it is my wife about doing this stuff slowly.

If you were dying because you had no food, water, or internet, would you rather take a small sip and maybe an M&M, or would you want a full Gourmet meal right away?
Thats the way corals think about it. If you don't agree. Write me a letter and send it snail mail with a self addressed envelope. I won't read it but I could use the scrap paper. :cool:

Anyway, I looked at the tank today and all seems well. That piece of coral didn't miraculously re grow but nothing else bleached. :)
I really need to change some water, but it is not in the cards for a while. My workshop is so full of projects that I have no room for water buckets. :cool:

But besides that, today I am very happy. After living here a year I found a fish market, (not a LFS) that is supposed to be the best on Long Island. It's right on the docks and you buy the fish still jumping, you can't get fresher than that. They have every kind of fish caught in the North Atlantic and the prices are pretty good. My wife and I are "foodies" and we need good food.

The stuff you get in a supermarket marked "Fresh Fish" is code for Cat food.
Fresh fish is so much better, it's like comparing a gold fish to a moorish Idol.
My Dad had a fish market and I grew up in it so I know what fresh fish is supposed to smell like. The aroma brought back so many memories.

We got some fresh tuna and scrod that they were cleaning when we got there. They even fill the bag with ice for you.
But they had squid, octopus, MahiMahi, porgies, fluke, flounder, striped bass, and almost every fish and crustacean that I can name including soft shell blue claw crabs which is amazing now because they are not even in season.

I can't wait to go back.
I made the scrod tonight and was in Heaven. What a difference. Fish after it is a day or two old, is not the same animal. As I said, it turns into cat food. :D
I just finished restoring this 160 Year old Steamer Chest. I think it came out pretty good. I used all the existing metal, wood, hinges, lock, latches etc but Had to buy some more cut nails. The entire thing was put together with about a thousand nails that were purposely to long and were bent over for strength. I lined the inside with cedar so i was able to get longer nails that went into the cedar. I found nails that were made individually on a machine from the same time period so the thing is pretty authentic. I also replaced the handles and the OD green canvas with a light brown one also from the same period that I got from a place that sells authentic chest parts. I added wheels because now it is real heavy.

This is the old chest as I got it.

I also have a "Victor Talking Box" record player from about 1910. That was before RCA merged with Victor making RCA Victor. It is on top of my Ice Box from the same time period.
Last night was fabulous. No, my Copperband butterfly didn't have babies and Christie Brinkley didn't knock on my door to borrow a cup of Instant Ocean salt.
It was almost better than that.

We went to a wine pairing with very old friends which I didn't really want to go to. I figured it would be in some restaurant and it was just to nice to do that.

To our surprise it was in an apple orchard right next to the trees. It was a beautiful night and the food was about the best I have ever had and I eat at a lot of restaurants.

The Chef was there to explain every bite of the four course dinner and the Vintner, who was a very nice young Lady explained each of the many wines we had that were all made in local wineries from grapes grown a few hundred yards from where we ate.
(If calling someone a Young lady is not PC, Don't read my threads because that was to me, and just about every one else a sign of respect for a thousand years) :p

The fresh tuna steak was caught and brought to the local dock a couple of miles away and the meat for the fillet Mignon was also raised there. :)

This morning I felt really energized, probably because I only had one Grand Marnier last night before bed.
So I figured I would do more exercise this morning. I felt like going to the beach, down and up those 165 steps but I also wanted to bike ride. Actually, like most people I hate to exercise. But my wife gets after me about staying in shape.
No, not the shape I am in, more like Brad Pitts shape but although they sell live pigs near here, I haven't seen any of them flying yet.

So I get on my bicycle and head to the beach. The beach isn't far but it's up hill both ways. :rolleyes:

It must have been early because I didn't see anyone walking dogs or going to work. Then I remembered it's Sunday.
I get to the beach door. Yes we lock our beach so no one steals it. I left the bike there and stared at the steps and the beautiful ocean at the bottom, below the clouds. ;Meh

I start walking down the stairs and this time I don't count them as I normally do just to pass the time and see if I can still count. I pass a few deer and rabbits which I always say good morning to. I don't know if they are the same deer all the time as they don't seem to recognize me and probably just think "Oh great, here comes that bald Geezer messing up the serineness.

There is huge vegetation on both sides of the stairs which are elevated above the cliff.
I was thinking today, who was the guy who had to cut through this thick stuff to mark out where to put these stairs and did he have tick insurance. You can't even get down this cliff without having mountain climbing gear because it is so steep that if you step away from the stairs, the mountain starts to fall down into the sea. ;Woot

I get to the bottom and sit on a bench there. They should put one of those CPR things there for Geezers like me but I stay a while and look out at the Sound searching for sharks.
Last week they saw a huge fin sticking out of the water. I don't know if it was a fin connected to a shark or a Catalina gobi but I saw video's of it. I used to SCUBA dive here and never saw anything.

Walking up was hard, I think because I had so many ticks on me they were weighing me down. ;Shifty
I had to stop a few times, to say good bye to the deer and rabbits but also t catch my breath that I lost 30 years ago.

I got to the top and found my bicycle. In my old neighborhood I just would have found a note thanking me for the bike.
I got on the bike and headed home, uphill again.

But I didn't go home, I don't know why but I rode past my house at an unbelievable rate, OK, it wasn't that fast but there was a young Lady running with one of those running carriages pushing a baby and I didn't want her to think she was in better shape than I was in, but she was. Even the baby was. :rolleyes:

I kept going, farther and farther all the way (about a mile, OK 3/4s of a mile) to where I couldn't go any more without getting flattened by a tractor trailer. I felt like Bruce Jenner. Well, not "Exactly". I am still a man and will remain that way. Mostly because I don't know what dress size I am. ;)

Then I came back home, passing the baby again who was shaking his fists at me (it could have been a pacifier) and I am ready to go out for breakfast.

I still can't get in more than a third of these stairs, you need to be in a hot air balloon for that.

I have my car all packed up with empty containers to collect water in the morning, maybe do a little porgy fishing. I have enough storage in my Jeep to collect about 40 gallons (If I don't break a spring)

My nitrates creeped up to about 30 and I would like to lower them to like 29. :rolleyes:

Of course after I get it home I may need to diatom filter it depending on how murky it is and how much mud is in it as I am taking it from a boat ramp about 6" deep.

I also will need to strain out any trailer axles, tires or broken back lights.

Hypodermic needles, bikini tops, oil cans and Nancy Pelosi Pez dispensers will go right in my tank just for interest and I am trying to get National Geographic to come over and do a story on my tank. Or just me, but so far they have not contacted me. :cool:

I am not sure why. :cool:
Last night there was a huge threat of thunder storms. As a matter of fact, my phone kept giving me this annoying noise with an announcement of the storm, flooding, lightning, meteorites, brimstone and everything else they could warn you about. I couldn't listen to the radio because it was all warnings, I thought we were being attacked by Bayone New Jersey.

So I decided to go to the beach and collect water. :p
It was very dark but wasn't raining yet. I backed up near the sea but I couldn't get to close because the waves were breaking like the "Perfect Storm" where George Cloony was in that boat that sunk with all the swordfish and I just waxed my car and didn't want it getting dirty.

(I am not speaking to Mr. Clooney but that is another story and I can't tell it here)

There were quite a few people on the beach watching the lightning as it was getting closer but I think most of them were watching us. (My friend came with me)

I had the back of my Jeep open and I reeled out the 70' of hose and threw the end with the pump on it into the angry Sea.

This wasn't as easy as it seems because the water was so rough, and it was so windy that the pump kept flying back at me and this was a boat ramp lined with huge rocks that the pump kept banging on the rocks and it was hard to get it into deep enough water to pump.

As the waves came crashing in there was water, but when they went out, the pump was dry and just sucking in sand fleas and cigarette butts. I even had to pull in the pump once to bang it on a rock to get the thing going as it was clogged with gravel and probably terrified amphipods. o_O

I had to walk out on the rocks into the water, luckily I had the foresight to wear my bathing suit. Not just because I knew I would get wet, but I wanted to Bring Sexy back.:p

I turned on the pump and it started to suck water from the sea, it also sucked in loads of seaweed and sand. The water didn't look to good but my fish are not Sissys so they will have to deal with it.
After all, I am doing all the work, they just have to live in it and like it. :cool:

We noticed the few people still on the beach looking at us and two of them started to walk over. I tried to think up a witty story to tell them, but I had nothing. One was a girl.

He said "We on the beach are curious. What the H-ell are you doing?"
I said, we are getting water for a fish tank.
He said "Oh, we thought you were testing something like those storm chasers who drive into tornadoes."

I could tell the girl thought I looked Sexy. ;Smuggrin (Oh, get over it)
Now our containers were getting full and we had the capacity to take 40 gallons and I was determined to do that unless the lightning came right into my Jeep and hit the radio changing the station from vintage Linda Ronstadt to Justin Beiber which would immediately end the moment.
Nothing like collecting water in a storm while blasting Blue Bayou.;Joyful

I couldn't keep my hat on and we could barely keep the jeep from sliding sideways on the sand due to the wind (and Linda Ronstadt, actually, not that the wind picked up, I think In a Godda Divida was playing)

The wind was picking up, Linda was singing louder, the lightning was getting closer and I looked Sexier as now I was all wet from the splashing. The on lookers were starting to move to their cars as they seemed like Girly, Sissy Mary people.
But we persevered and still needed more water.

We looked out to sea and there was this smallish boat trying to head into the wind. Now that was a Real Man. A very stupid real Man, but a man none the less. He took shelter behind an oil tanker unloading from a platform about a mile out.

Now it started to rain, not much at first, just enough to make it interesting. The lightning was hitting the water all over the place and coming in sideways lighting up the sky like the last creshendo of a
Bochelli concert.
I thought I saw a guy who looked a little like Benjamin Franklin flying a kite.

We still had more capacity and continued pumping as the waves grew larger.
I was surprised the pump didn't clog again as the water was raging so much.
Now we were all filled up just as the rain hit, and by "hit" I mean a deluge. Noah's flood was just a pond compared to this. I have seen Monsoons and this was a monsoon.

I quickly dragged the pump back over the rocks trying to keep standing upright while I impressed the people in the cars filming us for National Geographic.
I wanted to look like Lloyd Bridges in "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" where he fights the giant squid with a scizzors and a cell phone. I think I captured the moment.

We got in the car and tried to go, but the windshield wipers wouldn't go fast enough and the wheels were slipping on the sand. Fiddler crabs were running in circles with a completely horrified look on their faces.
Finally we got off the ramp and headed home through knee deep water.

I got to my garage and closed the door. Then I pumped the water into vats and it is now being diatom filtered to remove the seaweed and sand as it looks like Miso soup.
I will change it today and see if anything lives.
That 40 gallons of NSW water I added was the largest water change I ever did in my life that I remember. My tank is 125 gallons so there is probably about 90 gallons of water in there so that was almost half of the water.
The seawater was 76 degrees so I just had to heat it up 2 degrees, but I did have to add some salt as the salinity was .016 or so. I don't know how the fish live around here with such low salinity and this is the Atlantic.

I think Aliens are coming at night or very early in the morning the days after holidays and sucking up the salt. :rolleyes:

My fish and corals didn't react in any way that I could tell from the new water. The calcium of the Long Island Sound water was close to 400 but the alk was about 6 so I added a little.

I also can't find those tiny fish fry that I added a few weeks ago. They grew about twice or three times the size and I noticed one a couple of days ago but now I can't find any. Of course they may have grown larger and are in the rocks waiting to put on a little more weight so they can finish off my copperband butterfly. But more likely, my Janss pipefish found them and had a nice lunch.

If I go back there, I will collect more. I hope they carry different parasites because I like to keep adding new ones to keep up the immunity so I never have to go on those silly disease threads that start out reading "Help!!!!!> I got ich after 6 months of quarantining, dipping, medicating and fresh water dipping in insect repellent and Nair"

Tank is doing very well and the corals seem to be continuing to grow. One "arm" of a SPS bleached and I am not sure why but the rest of it and the rest continuue to smile.

The fish are extremely healthy and you can tell that by the very bright iridescent colors healthy fish have on their fins. That iridescences normally fades in captive fish unless they are fed correctly.
I am most surprised that my Janss Pipefish is still living as they are supposed to be difficult. I want another one.

I myself glow like that because I also drink this "elixir" that I invented for my wife for her MS Pain which seems to work better than pain pills. She calls it "Jumping Juice" but it is a little work to make.


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