What Did You Do in Reefing Today?


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Just as the Title says. "What did you do in reefing today". Myself, I installed a shelf to hold my dosing container, dosing pumps, fish and coral foods. Also, placed an order for a pump and fittings to finish off my saltwater mixing station. Looking forward to seeing what others have to say. If you have/haven't noticed, I like to incite social interaction.
Fed the fish, and hoped my pistol shrimp would come out of the little hole! I've only seen him once since adding to the tank (about a week ago.) His Yasha goby has become more brave, so I'm guessing the more brave the goby gets, the more I'll see the shrimp!

Started mixing water last night for water change tonight. Checked salinity this morning and added salt before I left for work.


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What I do every day: Take a look that all is working. I learn that "the less you do to the tank and its environment, the better corals adapt and grow".

Basically I do nothing every day.

Once a week clean glass and change water. Then, only if something went wrong (ie pump issue), then I do something. :)


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I got in a bunch of corals from the WWC live sale. I definitely recommend getting corals from this vendor. Everything came well packaged and they put in two free frags! Yes that’s right two! And they even gave me a huge discount on their famous AOI zoas

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I love doing their live sales. Dangerous though


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Today I checked my alk in the morning and it was 8.4. The lights were off and the calcium reactor feed pump was on. Then I checked now and it’s 8.4. The lights are on and the calcium reactor feed pump is off. I set it to go off a half hour after the lights go on, and come back on a half hour before they go out for the night. So basically this means the corals are only drawing calcium and alkalinity from the water when they are not photosynthesizing. Also the corals are very happy right now from the added stability I have attained.

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