Wifi Controlled Water Valve


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When you say didn't want to trust the Neptune Systems one, are you afraid of the valve leaking, or losing connection?

What happens when the valve you linked to loses connection? Does it automatically shut off?


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40 dollar valve? Sounds more trust worthy than the 2 dollar manual ones from Home Depot...

It is a servo arm. Nothing to not trust I would think.


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Where is this valve going to be used? After or before the RODI unit?

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Sorry guys, I do not understand why the use of that valve will make the system to work automatically.

The autoshutoff system will do it. I have one. The negative aspect, in my case, is that my RODI system do not have the automatic water flushing system to wash the membrane. Leaving the autoshutoff system works without flushing the membrane at each start reduce the Deionization resin life.

In my case is good that it shutoff the system and I do not worry of overflows. But I close it as soon as the brute and ATO reservoir are filled.


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