Building sturdy stand

I've a 120 G acrylic tank (60" by 18" footprint) for which I need to build a new and sturdy stand. Looking for ideas or for hobbyists who have done this before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Ive built four stands now and This is the exact thread I went off of to build my stands. I just followed the picture in the third post. It is unbelievably sturdy. Just use good straight 2x4's. I used Fir from home depot (took a long time to sort through and get the straight ones) then used nice 1/2" oak plywood for the outside. Cost me about $250 for everything including the canopy as opposed to over $1000 for a custom stand



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You may want to look at 80\20 extruded aluminun. You can cover it any way you want, its dead nuts streaght and light as a feather.its whats under the brs clown heram.

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