Drip Acclimation


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RSM so no sump. I don't usually drip acclimate, but I decided to give it another try. Now I remember why I stopped. I have my container in a bucket surrounded by warmer water, but it requires constant monitoring. My tank is 78 degrees, but my house is at 75.

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Another reason to not drip acclimate is ammonia. The low ph while in the bag will convert ammonia to ammonium which isn’t lethal. As soon as you open the bag the ph rises and will convert it back to ammonia and essentially your poisoning your fish.
There’s also draw backs at not acclimating. If the salinity is way off it might cause issues with your fish as well.


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I temp acclimate them and the empty them into a separate container with the water they came in and then drip acclimate. i've never had any issues with that procedure. However i would live to start quarantining going forward for my 130dt so i won't have any issues going forward.


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These were corals that I bought online. I floated them, drip acclimated them, floated them again, dipped them for pests, and then put them in. They look good. I usually qt my corals, but my qt is totally out of whack, and I didn't want to chance losing them. They are from a trusted vendor so I went straight into the dt. I don't think I'll drip acclimate anymore. My old way is better.

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