Has anyone ever considered cleaning fine/polishing/coarse/carbon filter elliment with "LYE"?

Discussion in 'Reef Talk' started by SMI, Oct 11, 2017.

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    You what's crazy, I yahoo "cleaning up" matter in
    • SODIUM HYDROXIDE overnight by itself, no heat added...and I got tons of articles on how to dispose of (you know) I and saying it...
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    Lye, the the strongest alkaloid we know it turns soft pretzels bronze it also decomposes matter quickly so I was thinking that you could soak use cartridges or in my case I make my own pads for my aquarium that consists of probably a lot of food not eaten and biological matter and then maybe after a thorough rinsing the pads would be good as new like I said I'm not suggesting or telling I'm just asking someone who's smarter than me.
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    Okay I'm going to try to explain this as simply as possible the bulk material on the left of the Igloo cooler Igloo cooler that I keep all my filter material in is far more effective then the pre-made set cartridge that is very expensive and very ineffective however because the left material of the igloo said cooler is so effective it also wears out quickly because anything that is effective quickly especially when it comes to filtration so I was thinking it would be cool to clean filters but see I can't clean filters with said water because we're talking on a microscopic level so I would have to dissolve the matter that's in the filtration particularly the white one 20171011_194252.jpg
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    I find it easier just to put them in the washing machine lol
  8. jamesdong009

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    Never used it to clean filters but I have used it to regenerate gfo but that got old fast :oops:
  9. Matt W

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    Yeah - so messy too.
  10. Matt W

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    In my opinion, that is overkill. I re-use this type of media and frankly abuse. Simple rinsing in water or mild bleach solution would be good. But also remember, these will contain good bacterial when in use. So use caution.
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    Thank you for the advice it seems actually very valid and totally honestly Lye Overkill I tend to overthink things once again thank you,

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