Photographic journal of my new Rimless 120G Cadlights tank- Higor

Cool. Looking great officer higorc
Hows the pac sun t5 working out?
Any plan to go full stream led soon?
Your tank looks great now

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Hi vedau, it's been a while but here we go...

It's been a while since the move and I can finally say things are looking up :) I changed the Aquascape quite a bit allowing for more swimming space for the fishes. Also had to build an equipment rack which now sits next to the tank.

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beautiful tank.
sorry to hear that you still have Bryopsis problems. thought you won the battle a while back.
Are the livestocks still doing great?
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Call me Higor :)
Friendly banter... DON'T HANDLE ONE OF THESE GUYS EVEN IF THEY EAT OFF UR HAND!!!! Tried to move him today and... He eats on my hand and let's me pet him... But he wasn't too happy being picked out of the tank

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Ouch! I always get nervous. My fox face crawls inside my hand to eat the frozen cube. One of these days he is going to stab me with venom.... which reminds me.... I should check out the toxicity

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