Photographic journal of my new Rimless 120G Cadlights tank- Higor

Discussion in 'Photography' started by higorc, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Rone

    Rone Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Great tank. Everything looks amazing.
  2. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Thanks buddy :)
  3. reef87

    reef87 Non-member

    did not you made a switch to the PAC SUN LED a few months ago? How come the tank is now running with just T5?
  4. Rentalcoot

    Rentalcoot Non-member

    Good luck on the move. Hopefully it's not a far commute. Amazing tank. I actually get to look forward to a move next year when I buy house. From past experiences I learned move the tabk last so it's the first thing to come off truck and make others do the other moving while you set up your tank.
  5. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Good eye :)

    After a lot of debate I decided to go back to T5s. I bought a Pacific Sun Diuna 8x 54W about a month ago. I couldn't find the control-ability the Diuna offers in any other T5 fixtures in the market right now. I think I got spoiled with the way you can control LED fixture and couldn't see my self going back to using timers on a T5 fixture :cool:

    Believe it or not I already see a big difference difference on my SPS. I did LEDs for almost to 3 years, but went back to T5s since I have a lot more SPS now.

  6. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Thanks man, it's not bad at all. I am moving less than a mile up the road. It's just nerve wrecking breaking the tank down and setting it back up again :(

  7. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    My Mandarins...

  8. Fishport

    Fishport Non-member

    Higor, simply exquisite! Congratulations, I can see a lot of thought and work went into it.

    One question, I didn't see your zebra tang, do you need to keep it in one of those horse trough tanks?
  9. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Thanks Ralph :)

    The Zebra Tang kept kicking the glass. The last time he kicked the glass it got scratched pretty bad, so I had to get rid of him...
  10. vedau

    vedau Non-member

    very nice tank.
    why can't this be tank of the quarter?
    man, your signature tells me that you have the most expensive equipments running on your tank.
  11. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Thanks brother for the nice comments. I did win tank of the quarter last year. And you are right, this Hobby is not cheap! :)

    Hopefuly I can keep everything alive in my move next weekend! I do have some of the best people I know helping me :encouragement:

  12. jtmac

    jtmac Aquaholic since 1999 BRS Member

    Im in love with your reef, just saying!
  13. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Thanks bro, its a lot of planning and work :cool:

  14. CoralJunkie

    CoralJunkie John BRS Member

  15. vedau

    vedau Non-member

    When are ya gonna throw some frags this way? :)
  16. vedau

    vedau Non-member

    any updates on this setup? is this still up running ?
  17. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    WOW, this was an unexpected resurrection! :)
  18. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    I've been embarrassed of my tank lately. I moved last October and have pretty much been running my tank on life support (as far as I'm concerned :))
  19. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Quick cell pics I took few weeks....

    tank 1.JPG

    tank 2.JPG
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  20. vedau

    vedau Non-member

    lots of changes since these last updates.
    I like the aquascape now than what you had before. more room for the fish to swim and more space for the corals.
    man that color tang is huge. do you still run a frag tank in the stand?
    Thought you a big fan of the MP40?
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