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I agree the scape looks nice if the goal is fish only. For coral there are very few spots to place coral imo.

I like the natural back plate instead of the false foam.

Maybe try a tree scape with one major trunk and then branches off the center piece.

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I neglected to paint the back of the tank, because I had planned that foam wall since day 1, so i need to come up with a wall of sorts to hide the clear glass. I’ve used all the rock i have, to achieve this, so i will be buying more for sure.

The goal is fish, zoas, and some simple things like sponges and GSP.

Right now, this is a test to see if the dinos did in fact die off. I’m going to give it a few weeks just as it is, to see if this is even going to work. The water level has dropped even further, now that the foam wall is out. If this works out, i will invest in a different return pump, maybe another pair of rw4’s or something, and then a bunch more rock.

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