upgrading my 75 gallon to a 180 gallon


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I knew this day would come... my blue tang has outgrown his 75 gallon home.... I am looking to start a 180 gallon tank... (BTW my husband thinks it is totally reasonable that I just get rid of the fish! OH NO)

I was trying to buy used but it doesn't look good.... as none of the set ups I am finding meet my needs!
Here are my requirements:
* 6 foot long!
* Can fit blue tang / yellow tang / DFP / Humu Humu Picasso Trigger / butterfly fish / Angel fish / matted pair of blue mandarins
* Lighting - As this is not a reef what lighting would you recommend? I like LEDs and am hoping some of my xenia / leather corals / mushrooms will live?? Is this out of the question with a DFP??
* Stand - I found a J&B modern birch stand and canopy for a good price new. Thoughts on a birch stand?? I have always had oak stands... any input on the durability of Birch?? and this brand? As the lights are going to be LED in this system I was thinking a hood would work b/c no heat as I currently have with my MH and T5 lights.
* The biggest disappointment in my current system is that my sump is entirely too small and does not have space to easily clear the skimmer being emptied and/or removed for cleaning. I want a refugium in my sump for the mandarins space for an awesome skimmer where the water does not fluctuate and I need to have an ATO attached. Suggestions? I am not of the ability to make my own sump...
* I am going to try humblefish QT new service for my new tank additions. I know my existing fish are ich free due to learning Tank Transfer BUT would rather leave these fish to the more skilled humblefish.. I can keep a fish alive 15 years... if they just live the first 3 weeks!
* Advice / things to look out for??

Sad to be saying goodbye to my reef.. but I have fallen in love with the MIDNIGHT DOG FACE PUFFER and have always dreamed of the trigger fish... I have a smaller reef upstairs!

Getting Excited!!


* If you were starting new what would be one piece of advice you would give on design / set up?


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Definitely on the pricier side but we have two Red Sea Reefer tanks and love both of them. Our biggest tank is only 4ft but we have a lot of coral in it, a mix of LPS and SPS. We have two LED lights, Hydra 52's, and all the coral are growing really well.


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You will have no problem with many soft coral especially Xenia in a tank with many aggressive fish. Actualy the coral with help reduce the waste from the fish.
Say goodbye to all the cleanup crew when you get a trigger and puffer though.
I know you state you don't feel comfortable with the ability to create your own sump but just wanted to offer a suggestion. The 75g you have currently if not drilled would make a perfect sump for your 180g plans. I just bought a sump kit from ebay for my 75g conversion. It was extremely easy to do and came out better than I thought. Just a good way to save a few bucks to reinvest in something else

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