Will the bullying continue?

I have a 210 Fowler. My fuzzy dwarf lion (full grown) died about a month ago. I just took the new guy (little guy) out of QT on Sunday. Last night I noticed that the Lion's tail had some chunks taken out of it. Tonight I caught my dwarf bicolor angel picking on him . The lion is still active, but is obviously bothered by this. He did eat tonight.

Will this behavior stop once they "sort it out?" I do see a bite mark on my angler's tail from time to time when he ventures into the angel's turf apparently.

If the lion stings the angel, will it die? I had a lion sting an agressive YT once, but it didn't die.


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Dang man...

I have a coral beauty. I didn’t realize that was my bully until I saw it rip pieces out of an equally sized tang I just got. Tangs are fast though so he was able to run away until things settled down.

A lion isn’t exactly the fastest fish out there so I am not sure if the angel will calm down if it is able to get away with it.

I hope for your sake it does. Otherwise try the mirror trick or a time out for the Angel?

Good luck man!

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I've always had a lion in one form or another, but this is the first time I've witnessed this. If the inevitable happens and he gets stung, so be it. I hate to say it because I like all my fish, but I love lions. The lion has lots of places to hide in rocks with his spikes out.

Those pigmy Angels have little guy issues.
I'm happy to report that I haven't seen any harassment or bullying for 3 days now! Gus seems more active and is being a little beggar like I would expect.

I guess they had to figure it out (like my dogs with a new addition).


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