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Hi All,

I am planning out a hood design for a tank upgrade. Im currently using 2-AquaMedic-250w MH 17K on my 72gal. which I would like to include in the new build. The new tank is a 90gal. It looks like T5ho's would be the best choice but I have not idea where to start with them. What wattage should I use? How many bulbs should I use? and what combo of colors would look best with the MH?

As always thanks for your input and happy reefing!


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I am planning on doing a more diverse mixed reef tank. For corals I hope include more softies(Zoas&shrooms...) sps(open to colorful suggestions), and maybe an lps if i dont kill the sps:D


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I use a blue led bar to supplement 2x 250w aquamedic halide. I use 14k Phoenix bulbs.

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