Frag Farmer


Great experience with Frag Farmer.. Ordered 50 rics with another person on here..

He said there would be a mix. There definitely was a mix. They look great. Probably even more than 50 in the bunch. A few multiple polyp frags. Some with even 5+ mouths.

Would definitely order from him again.

And welcome to the forum.
Thanks bro....
I aim to please! We can't make friends by taking advantage of them especially when my friends pretty much pay my bills.
If you guys ever need me...... Here I am!



I just received my second order from them. Very healthy happy corals and snails. Everything was packed VERY WELL. Low stress - these corals opened up VERY fast. Russ even threw in a Purple/blue Maxima as a surprise!

I had the shipment sent via SouthWest Airlines to Hartford/Springfield(BDL). I'd choose that option again. You have to pick it up at the airport BUT I think the box gets handled with more care.

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