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B & crew installed a new tank at my apartment last week. Plumbing is second to none. B needed a fitting he didn't have on him due to a last minute change he thought would make it better, and on the busiest travel night of the year left my house and sat in over in hour of traffic to get the right piece so the tank was plumbed correctly. When you deal with UA you will get exactly what you are told and beyond. Id like bigger when I buy a house in the next year or two but for now, B made my dream tank come true at a great price! They also went above any beyond and helped me treat my old rock because I had some flatworms. I consider the whole job to be above and beyond what most any company would have done. Thank you, B and Cliff!

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Sunday September 22, 2019
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12 to 4 pm
Leominster Eagles
456 Litchfield Street
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