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Bought a male Lubbocks Wrasse to go with the female. Brought it home, feed the tank, acclimated the fish then put fish in after lights out. The other Lubbocks Wrasse came over and harassed it a little bit but nothing severe. So I turned lights off in room and went to bed. In the morning the crabs were eating my new dead fish! I called B and told him. He said your individual wrasse is probably territorial. I want more fish in my aquarium so I said I'll probably put a few more Green Chromis in the tank because I really like them. When I showed up at the shop he gave me three Green Chromis for free. He really didn't have to. Fish have different personalities within the same species so it's no his fault. I really appreciate B's attention to customer service. I've been doing business with him for 10+ years and he has exceeded my expectations for customer service again and again. Thank you B!
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