What do you hate the most about this hobby???


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Ok so I'm moving from 1 tank to another and this has reminded me of the thing that I dislike about this hobby. AQUA-SCAPING it's the worst. Maybe not for a new setup but I have never liked it. Its like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that don't fit together. Trying to create a structure with out damaging any of my current living residents is not my cup of tea. I will load pics of my mess when Im sick and tired of moving sh** around in there.

What do you dislike?????


Poisonous things - the other day, I was adjusting a rock within the tank, and it slipped out my hand - I instinctively reached down to catch it, only to bump my hand against the rabbit fish, who of course had his spines out. Nasty sting!
I had a magnificent foxface who learned that when I had my hands in the tank, good things happened. For example, cleaning algae off of the glass.... So, every time I put my hand in the tank, he'd follow me around the tank. You'd think a 180 would be big enough to avoid him. The creeper!


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Spills.. even now sometime i forget to shut RODI until my bathroom floods out...
I have flooded my water closet/ mixing station toooooooo many times myself. but still have not ordered a float switch:eek:. Thank goodness my basement is not finished and it has french drains. Other wise there would been serious problems with da wife.


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No, the adapter got really hot and it became too hot for the cat. He walked away and proceeded to sit on my keyboard.

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I hate when the equipment malfunctions. I've had heaters get stuck in the on position, plugs that have melted in the socket, ballasts that just stop working and now my doser is acting up. It's always something.

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