1200 maxi jets ???


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Do they still make Maxi Jets 1200 ??? Need one to mix salt and transfer water . Are they under a new name? Is Marineland the same one same Quality?
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Andy V

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I've got to agree with Dong and others...they are not the same pump. When Cobalt came out, they kept the original design and manufacturing of the old MJ1200. The Cobalt is made in Italy.

The new Maxijet is made in China and is slightly different. And they are definitely not the same quality. The Cobalt is better.

If you are just using it to mix, it might not be worth it to you to pay extra, but I would.


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You can almost buy 2 of the marinelands for one cobalt. I just recently got the marineland for $18 on amazon and i am happy with it.
I bought a Cobalt 400 and a Marineland 400 at the same time for a project. The marineland was 10x as loud and the housing leaked everywhere (I was using it external). I replaced it for another cobalt and it is quiet and doesn't leak.

That being said, If you add a ton of head pressure to either, they both vibrate. I have a cobalt 1200 on my carbon reactor, and I have to make sure the hose or pump doesn't touch the sump because it make a weird resonance.
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Hi All,
The Marineland I got said made in Italy, which was where the originals were made. Maybe I got old stock off amazon, guess I was lucky. This is why this site is great. Everyone helping each other!!! If I need another cobalt it is...

One Eye

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I just picked up 3 Marineland mj 1200 on amazon for $45. Read this thread and had to check. They say made in Italy. A little noise at start up then quite.


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I have to update. Fine print on box said Made in China. I thought I saw made in Italy on it, turns out that was on my old but still running original MJ, 20 plus year old pump. You are all right. New Mj not the same and loud.

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