Need advice for warring corals

My orange crush echinata tried to eat my acan lord. The acan doesn't have brown jelly, but it's definitely sloughing off skin. Will this infect my lobos, etc.?
Yes! I had no idea just how mean it was until I changed my water flow. After it stung my chalice I thought maybe it would get along with an acan, but it was even meaner! The acan doesn't look too good, but I don't want to throw it out, however, I have nowhere to put it while it recovers.


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When I had my orange acan enchinata, it ate over a thousand dollar worth of coral in 10 years.
Then my butterfly fish flipped it around when I was traveling.

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Haha. I believe this piece came from you many, many years ago. It never bothered anything before, but now it's bigger and since I changed my water flow, it seems to be more aggressive. I would move it, but it's become part of the base rock.


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If you ever want to find it a good home, I will trade you sticks.

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Had the exact same problem. Beautiful coal, but super mean and devoured anything even remotely close. I just recently got fed up with it after losing a duncan and did my best to remove it, which was damn near impossible even with the use of bone cutters and a chisel.They really grow into the rock.

Why is it the corals you want to survive sometimes die despite best efforts, and others won't seen to go away no matter how hard to you try to get rid of them...

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Matt W

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Ugh! I have this nice 'Joker' enchinata, that is growing well (good growth over one yr). But I have seen it go at a zoa once a couple months ago; although no evidence of war since.


Sounds like it might be a good idea to try pulling this piece off before it grows more into the rock structure then moving it to its own rock island. Thoughts/opinions?

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