Sources for DIY supplies

I thought I might as well make myself useful here and list some local and online sources for good DIY supplies. Please post other recommendations here and I'll consolidate them all in this first post for future reference.

J. Freeman, Inc. Acrylic sheet, scraps, glue and various acrylic-working supplies
65 Tenean Street
Dorchester, MA 02122
(617) 282-1150
or (800) 841-9442

Altec Plastics Inc acrylic stock, scraps, glue and applicators, etc
116 B St Boston,MA 02127

Tap Plastics Acrylic supplies online, will cut acrylic to size for you

Rockler Woodworking cabinetry hardware, router bits, finishing supplies, etc
2154 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140
(617) 497-1136
373 South Broadway, Salem, NH 03079
(603) 898-5941

Woodworker's Supply lots more stuff than rockler carries, and some of it higher quality (but only online)

Woodcraft high quality hardware, hand tools, and finishing supplies, local and online
313 Montvale Ave, Woburn, 01801 - (781) 935-6414

CabinetDoorsandHardware Very inexpensive cabinet doors in all sizes. Wide variety. Looks like good quality. See pics in this thread.

F.W. Webb Plumbing Supply commercial plumbing supply warehouses
Locations all over the area

Savko All manner of tank plumbing supplies - true unions, bulkheads, John Guest fittings, etc etc

US Plastic Acrylic stock, eggcrate, various bottles and tubs, PVC plumbing parts - basically all things plastic

McMaster-Carr Industrial Supply catalog - everything from acrylic stock, electrical components, and plumbing components, to big rubber gloves

Grainger Industrial Supply Warehouses and online (sometimes they'll sell retail - sometimes they won't)

Boulter Plywood Wide selection of top-quality plywood, and a fair amount of hardwood lumber as well
24 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02145 (617) 666-1340*

Aquatic ecosystems Flexible pvc,Venturis, Beckett, Plastic Needle Valve, 1/4" cheap ballasts and electrical supplies
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There is a store right off of 290 going into worcester.

I went in and a guy asked me right off if I was building a sump, seemed to know the concepts and was into helping. I had to ask what he was talking about twice since I couldn't believe he spotted me as a reefer that quickly.

I didn't see the brands I saw at altec, but they had similar stuff, no Acrylite that I saw. They only had extruded tubing but it only cost $24 for 6 feet of 4" clear tube, gotta be good for something though I don't know for what yet.

Someone must know the name and address for this place as I found it posted on a thread (DIY) but couldn't find it agian.

Also - Altec, I've gone in twice, the people have been very helpful and they have some very useful leftovers laying around for fair prices. They also carry weldon, applicators, and misc sizes of tube, maybe even cast acrylic tube once and a while.


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You already have it, but McMaster-Carr has got everything! Not always the cheapest, but if you can't find it, spend some time there and you will. Regular shipping is also fast as they are in NJ.
Be careful with USPlastic.. their website seems to be having issues.. double check your cart when you add stuff!!! Took me 3-4 tries to ge tthe right things, and my order still got messed up.


a vote for J. Freeman, Inc.

they have prices lower than wholesalers on the cast acrylic sheets!! $7.63 per square foot! That's really low.


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electrical supply store

Does anybody know of a cheap elec. supply store or online. I want to convert my 120 fish into a reef, right know i'm running 4 96w pc and i'm thinking of installing mh's I don't mind spending the money but some places out there I just could'nt afford. thanks vin


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FW Webb in Lowell, plumbing supplies, off Steadman St, Lowell. Ask for Dave he knows his stuff and can always assist in getting parts for project you're working on.


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Opps...That's supposed to be Contract Glass. Another person actually posted about this place in a thread I found here and then I saw them again in the phone book.