Ann. Annual BRS Auction! March 10, Framingham Elks


Tim- 2019 BRS President
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Boston Reefers Meetings are open to all Paid, non-paid and prospective members-(family friendly environment)

Paid members- Free admission
Non-members- $10 per paddle.

When? March 10th, 2019
Annual BRS Auction
Framingham Elks
450 Union St, Framingham MA

Hello Everyone! The Auction is coming The Auction is coming! This auction is the number 1 largest fundraiser for the club to keep the website open, speakers coming in for meetings, meetings, contests, and our annual free food Election meeting. To make this a success we need a help from all of you,

1- Donations. Donations to the BRS auction help drive attendance and more donations. As donations roll in people decide to clear their day, bring their wallets (Or credit card) and bid bid bid! Look into your tank, see if you have a branching acro that has that one branch that looks like it can go. When was the last time you needed to use that heater, pump, doser that you have in your basement? You can donate Fish, Invertabrates, and of course, corals. Please send a picture in of your donations so we can show them off! See below for details

2- Volunteers. We need volunteers who are willing to help run the auction. We have @afboundguy who is our auctioneer, @Arsalan will run the auction this year and will be manning the computer and program to move things along, but we will need help in the cooler section to put winning items into the coolers, Vanna White's (those that display the current item being bid on), Help with check in and labeling of items, and anyone can come early to help set up and organize donations as they come in. So if you can make it in early and don't have much in your tank, please consider volunteering your time. We can also use help picking up donations on your way to the auction to help the BOD from running all over hell and creation.

3- Stay engaged, spread the word and bring those coolers! We need people to come to the auction, bid on items to improve their tanks, get some sweet deals, and be involved with the club.

We have many exciting events planned for the club for this year from the frag show to meetings. We are planning meetings out ahead this year so it is easier to plan meetings you would like to attend! But as with most things this requires having the funds available to make these activities possible. We are excited to be bringing new speakers in, cook-outs and of course running the forums. This is where you guys come in, albeit from donations or spending your hard earned cash in a fun bidding war over some fabulous items for your tank!!

Livestock Donations:
It's time to dig deep into your frag collection and find the unusual stuff that will generate a lot of interest at auction. Corals, fish, or invertebrates will all be accepted, but please make sure what you donate is something that there will be a market for. Large and/or non-reef-safe fish and some types of invertebrates might not sell well.

Equipment Donations:
New or used reef equipment will be accepted. We do limit this to hobby related equipment since we are a reef club after all. If possible please try to clean up the equipment to make it presentable, and make sure you supply accurate information about the equipment (ie. needs new pump, runs fine, tank leaks but...).

We will have an auction forum set up here that includes photographs and descriptions of each item that will be at auction. Do keep in mind that many donations are also received day of the auction so mark your calendars to be there. Sunday March 10th , 2019

Please send your donation info and photos (photos not required but VERY helpful!) to @Arsalan (His BRS e-mail will be added soon)

Please include in the email...

Your Full Name
Item donated including the name of the item and how many heads/polyps
Photo of the item (again, not required, but HUGE bonus, you know we all love pictures!!)
Please also indicate if you need your donations picked up and where! (give an address)

Please arrive early if you plan on dropping off your donation the day off the auction.

Donations will be accepted day of auction, but please help us by donating before: Thursday March 7th as we would like to have some kind of auction program generated in advance.

Thanks to all in advance! This auction is one of the most important events for the club and is sure to be a great time as always. Also, if you are unable to attend the meeting but would still like to donate we will have some volunteers that will be able to pick up donations as well. If you need your donation picked-up please let us know when submitting your donation.

What are you still doing reading...time to start fragging!!

Thank you!
Tim Vaillancourt
BRS President 2019


Tim- 2019 BRS President
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Unfortunately the hall was booked every other single day in March . Kinda what I was thinking too. Who needs good food!

Until we find other centrally locates halls with flexible hours Framingham is one of the most central locations for us.


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Just out of curiosity, what towns do you consider central? I have access to a couple halls in Newton and West Roxbury, easily accessible from 90 and 128 respectively. I understand it doesn't apply this year, but I can help out for further meetings


Tim- 2019 BRS President
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Newton would be centrally located.

I think 495 belt around marlborough as “centrally located”. But many would see Newton as better I am sure!

We can try the hall out in the fall
Meetings. We will keep in touch once we meet in February/March to plan the winter meetings.


Tim- 2019 BRS President
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If the auctions can be ahead of ffm will be better for the club.

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That is a great point.

I think March has always been the date because it typically takes a month or two for the new BOD to get the wheels going? Or maybe it’s tradition?

If we plan in before elections it could easily be February. But the flip side is weather can make any event a bust and February has a larger potential for snow than March (maybe not any more but years ago it did).

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Tim- 2019 BRS President
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Not sure. I joined in 2016 and the auctions I went to were always March. From what I saw in the older bod forums they were march too.


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I'll be there and am able to help out. I have a very serious back injury at the moment and can't really lift anything or stand for a period of time, so if a chair position is involved count me in.


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xl favia/mushroom/paly/Tyree toadstool combo rock 10 x 10, .75” frag of Walt Disney, 1 - 3” Fuego Shroom, and 2 polyps if rainbow incinerators... all straight sex and will be going for dirt cheap at the auction. Colors look better in your reef. If you haven’t been, this is where to stock up on nice stuff at a good price and help out a good cause. Bump.


Tim- 2019 BRS President
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Two weeks away!!! I am going to go out today/tomorrow to take all the photos of the dry goods donated so far. We have a lot already! Keep an eye out for an Eye Candy post!

Remember if you have stuff collecting dust in your basement or that colony that can spare a branch or three, several polyps, or an anemone split contact @Arsalan with your donations!

Or email him at

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