The Rebuild Begins.......

Did you weigh it yet?
Doing that next.

Put it this way. The foundation rock is sold in pieces. I ordered 9 of those alone.

Thats 14 pieces shown in the pic minus the smaller broken off pieces. That would suggest that 5 of those pieces equal 65lbs.

The medium foundation are suppose to be 9-13” each and 4-7 lbs.

Small foundation are 4-9”
I know that rock is pretty dense but I don’t see 65 lbs of it
It makes more sense if this was just the foundation rock but tracking shows 1 number for everything of 4 boxes total.

I just weighed. Granted im taking my weight plus the rock minus my weight so give or take a few lbs i came up with 66lbs. 4-8lbs average per piece.

The weight per piece seems more in line with the foundation rock. I never ordered either so I cant say for sure.

Even if you take their min for foundation at 6pcs thats 24 lbs. The small at 3 pieces min is 6lbs. Thats easily 30lbs not there.

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